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No ruling yet.
My last post was right after I had a review for termination hearing. That was on Jan 11 2011. As of yesterday my attny has not heard anthing as far as a ruling by the judge. Went to my attny offic and he had me read over the official transcripts of the testemony. Asked if I wanted to clearify anything or if I was satisfied w what I had said. I am fine w it.
He said that normally if the judge doesnt make a decision within 2 weeks that normally is grounds for automatic denial of petition to terminate. But not always.
So here I sit or I shld say lay today, and wait.
Attny said he will be sending out a letter to ask about starting mediation. He also stated that I am non surgical.
In my eyes I am non surgical at the present moment but have been told by Drs that if injections do not hold for more then 2 month at a time then I will need to be consulted for surgery candidate. Does that not make me surgical? Based upon history of injections only lasting 3 months previously. Idk
How long does it normally take to receive a ruling? And does suspension of benefits happen before u receive the letter or after?

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