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Claim Disposition Agreement Offer Made...Need help!
(02-03-2011, 08:40 PM)jayne Wrote: I was lucky I had an awesome lawyer......a long time on WC tends to take the starch out of our backbones...the way to get it back is to read your state rules and regs on WC.... ask questions on here..we will answer what we can but your best bet is to read your state law

Knowledge is a good thing. I need to read about Deposition. I just talked with the Calendar girl in the Atty. office a minute ago. My atty. wants to depo the (AME) but, somehow they want the insurance to set up the appointment, my Atty. doesn't have the money to hire the Court reporter and pay all the filing fees. He's broke. I can see why!!
This keeps getting better. There were clues but, since I didn't really think I needed an attorney in the first place I wasn't concern. I thought I'd be back to work quickly but, just in case I hired this Atty. I always thought want to work to get as much as they can. W.c. has such a low percentage. In my case it's to high.hahaha I guess my Atty. office wants easy one where they file papers in folder and get paid. Maybe he should have some Capital to be effective. The legal secretary said he is the best in the business and why is he broke? Then I thinking why is he a W.C. atty. only if it barely keeps the doors open? Yes I should ask every decent w.c. atty. in California if they would be willing to take my case. Project 2morrow.Wink

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