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Winter weather
Wind chills are -20 to -25, snow drifts are reported to be 6 foot deep. Not for sure how much snow we've had, been reported 8 to 12 inches.

Area area schools are closed again along with many business, the public is asked to stay home.

I have so much to do in getting ready for surgery Feb 14th, pre-op test, doctor appointments, but I guess I may have to reschedule.

Stay safe everyone.
Ice, Ice, Ice and more Ice. that is what we have in Ohio tonight, lots of winds and tree branches falling. People without electricity throughout the state. My son had elec on his side of the street his neighobors across the street have none. I have a gas fireplace
for back up heat if mine goes out. Took the dogs out and they slid half way down the drive before they came to a stop. Poor animals have to go out and leave yellow snow.
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We didn't have power for about 6 hours last night and have plenty of snow blown around outside today. Going to get below zero tonight so I pray the power stays on. Have a generator and some portable heat but with the pain it's hard to do very much at all. I pray everybody stays safe and warm
WT?!!!!!!!. We set a new record in san antonio. We have had over 40 hours below 32 degrees. That is unheard of here. I know that does not sound like much to alot of you. But this stuff is not suppose to happen in the south. Now they are predicting snow over night. If we get over an inch on the highways. They shut the highways down. Even thou they have the trucks to handle the snow. There are not enough people that know how to drive on it. I generally wouldn't be crying about it, but it sucks going to school in the morning.

And to think, I use to work in the cold without complaining about it. I guess I am just getting soft, or old. LOL

Stay warm all.

PS. UA. did you have the rolling power outages??? Mexico is now sending power to San Antonio to help curb it here.
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Hi AQA, You are from San Antonio? That is a beautiful city!

When the group of us from this forum met in Tulsa in 07 the ice storm hit. The public did not have a clue how to drive on ice leading to many wrecks. On the interestate we were on between Tulsa and the Kansas line I counted I believe it was 40 something accidents.

Hubby and I were in a wreck on our way home that day, just a few miles from the motel we had stayed at, stupid driver did not have a clue how to drive on ice. Lost control of her vehicle and hit out truck, passenger side. That was when I first injured the neck.
AQA I believe a Dam Yankee left a door open it is snowing here AGAIN......we have got up for the last several nights and ran water to make sure pipes dont freeze.....Jayne hates snow and cold weather which ever of you Yanks that left the door open CLOSE IT....our public schools have been closed all week everything is shut down....Oklahoma doesnt know how to handle this stuff....
........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......

Hey Jayne, even with all the snow & ice we've had our roads are in good shape.

Even the country road I live on is now in good shape. The road crews have been busy clearing the roads and treating the ice. Lots of individuals have snow blades on the front of their trucks and have been out cleaning the business lots.

Our schools were closed 2 days, the 2nd day was due to the cold temps.
Schools are closed here again for the 4th day. Most of our secondary and tertiary roads are still ice packed..so all non-emergency travel is being doscouraged still. Although I have seen more traffic on the major street north of us this morning than I have the past 4 days.

They pulled all the crews off of the roads yesterday evening, to re-evaluate what they were going to do. Duh.. they didn't start early enough putting down what ever it is to keep the ice from forming, so most of the streets ended up with over 2 inches of ice.

We are sitting at 29 degrees right now.. it's been over 90 hours since we saw anything above freezing. This is the coldest the Falls have been since 1982.

I figure our snap of cold is to honor the Steelers/Packers in time for the Superbowl this Sunday. Although the weather isn't supposed to get much better after the game is over, this should make them feel right at home. :0)

Angel ^j^
I've always been crazy, but it keeps me from going insane.
Happiness comes through doors you didn't even know you left open
I just may be that Dam Yankee ...........lol.

I can understand how fustrating this change is for the southern folks.. We are on our 6th week of temps below freezing, we didnt get nothing but a dusting of snow and high winds and temps 15-20 below... Here we have about 30 inches of snow on the ground but old man winter has kicked in and snowing like crazy. Our winters last about 5 months here and we get shack happy, but we need this weather for our economy.. I would cash all this in for 2 acres and a small home in FL, TX, even Arizona.

I know I wont get rich from wc, but once I got it behind us and done with I have convinced my wife we need to move south.. My son will be 18 next dec and out of school and is welcome to move with us if he so chooses ( I hope ). So within the next 4 years I hope to have settled my wc and sold our work trucks....
its supposed to be warm here.....cost of living low....A friend of ours bought a 3 bedroom house on 3 acres for 25 thousand last month...yes lots of work to do on the house but its still nice a repo...lots of them here also.......
........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......


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