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Winter weather
We've got a major storm going on in Kansas. People are being told to stock up on batteries, flash lights, food & water, as well as having an alternative source of heat.

Major airlines have already cancelled flights for tomorrow, business are encouraging workers to stay home tomorrow & Wednesday.

Right now we have plenty of ice on the ground with the snow to start later tonight. I even had a doctor's office call and tell me to check to see if they are open Wednesday before leaving for the appointment.

I haven't seen anything like this in years.

Stay safe everyone and let the members of this forum know you are okay by posting on this thread, PLEASE!!!
The pain center here called this afternoon and said they would be closed tomorrow. Lots of ice on the ground now and only more coming overnight. Not suppose to snow until later tomorrow
Just received the phone call, no school for my kiddos.
Watching the news, I believe every school district has closed in the state.

I had a board meeting tonight, as chair of the board of directors it was up to me to make the call to cancel the meeting. Early this afternoon I called members of the board and cancelled the meeting, didn't want them getting out in this weather.
Think all schools around here are closed today from the ice and the snow and winds get started today. It's funny sitting here and hearing the cars drive by outside on all the ice. Going to sit an monitor the scanner and radio's today and see how it all plays out
Ice Ice Ice and more Ice, took the dogs out and they are slideing down the driveway.
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Made a big pot of chicken noodle soup, ice tea and filled pictures of water.
Here in the country our power goes out in this type of storm, add to that we have no water when that happens.

Put new batteries in the radio & flashlight.
Randy received the call about 9:30 pm last night... WFISD is closed. All county offices, courts, state offices, many Dr's ..therapy.. etc are also closed. Even goodwill and trash have been affected by our storm.

It's hard to tell just how much snow we received. But it rained first, turned to sleet and the snow came in after midnight. With the high winds, we have several large drifts around the house. Both cars are covered in snow.. even with having parked them under the carport.. neighbors house and a 6 foot fence on one side, our house on the other. Neighbor from across the street just came and got his painters tarp from where it had wrapped around my passenger side window on my car.

Our temp is a whopping 13 degrees with wind chill taking it down to -5. It didn't even get this cold with the blizzard Christmas of '09. Although there is no restricted travel, it is highly discouraged. You see, Wichita county owns NO snow plows. TXDOT has 78, but they are spread over 9 counties. So unless it is a major highway/thoroughfare, it isn't going to get plowed. Randy and Nate may get a 2nd day off tomorrow, or at least a delayed start.

I went to the store yesterday before this all hit and got what necessities we needed, and my pantry and freezers are always fully stocked .. so we won't go without food. We have a gas stove, so will always be able to cook even if we loose electricity. Binkers started to go outside to the bathroom a few minutes ago.. stopped short of the the stairs off of the front porch, did what he needed to and came running back in. Wonder if our mail will run today ?? Any one wanna make a bet that it doesn't.. even though their motto is "Neither rain,sleet nor snow will keep us from making our appointed rounds" ??

Stay warm y'all !!

Angel ^j^
I've always been crazy, but it keeps me from going insane.
Happiness comes through doors you didn't even know you left open
all this makes me feel guilty setting here with the door open lollol south ga looks good right now !! please guys be careful ans stay inside
worry changes nothing prayer changes every thing
Sweet tooth, I would give just about anything to have spring here. Jan is our coldest month but this year only had a few -20's but also have not seen more then 2 days over 25 in the last 40 days...

Were only going to get hit with below 0 temps with high winds and up to 2 inches. But Milwaukee area is supposed to get hit hard, in fact my adjuster is from there and they are closing the doors tomorow.... I hope everyone stays home and safe.............
(02-01-2011, 09:56 PM)sweet tooth Wrote: all this makes me feel guilty setting here with the door open lollol south ga looks good right now !! please guys be careful ans stay inside

Sweet, I'm with you. We are having the nicest weather I've seen all winter. House is opened up and it is 68 degrees outside at 9pm. Kind of feel guilty knowing the rest of the country continues to get hammered.

Stay safe everyone!

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