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Out of the mouth of babes
My 20 yr. old daughter's boyfriend is in the National Guards.

He reported for duty today, and will be gone for 1 year, leaving for Africa in a few months.

My daughter drove her boyfriend to the location where he was to report this morning. She said families were saying their goodbyes.

She said mom it was so cool, I am standing there crying telling Marcus bye and there is this family by us, husband, wife and five children. The youngest two children see me crying and said to me,
"Don't be said, he will be back soon, don't be sad, be excited for him"

She said Mom it was so cool, those kids didn't look old enough to be in Kindergarten.
what a great way to look at it......tell your daughter a round trip plane fair is about 1400 dollars not counting a yellow fever shot at 150 dollars and her passport....but a trip she will remember all her life...we have a couple in our church that are missionaries over there and we hoped to go see them.....but that round trip ticket times 5 put a stop to it....we are hoping we can catch a military hop over there... but he sure can send her some beautiful things they cant buy here
........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......


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