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Read Dime Report...wow! WC wants another opinion
Hi from CO.,

Well, it's no surprise that after the DIME (in Dec.,) said that I wasn't at MMI, that now WC., would want me to see another IME. DIME agreed that my injurys(11/2008) of hand, arm, shoulder and neck still exsist. What was surprising was that the DIME stated that he didn't think I had RSD(which was a new finding)...I hope he is correct, because I'm suppose to have these failed and painful plates and screws in my hand and arm removed. Unfortuntiately the report that the DIME received about the RSD, was from the first SGB which stated that I didn't have RSD. I saw the DIME before the second SGB which did state that I do have RSD...but a mild case.

Anyways, what was suppose to happen at the end of this month was a settlement conference, but it has been postponed (which is a good thing). After agreeing with the DIME report, WC was suppose to surrender General Admission of liability some time ago but hasn't as of yet...they have gone past the due date (not sure what that date was). My attorney is trying to force them to do so.

As far as a retro payment from when I was told that I'm at MMI in March 2010, until now...well there will not be any. I received a payout after Final Admission of Liability and reaching MMI at $$ amount of dollars over the course of five months ending in 2010. Now what the WC attorney is saying that it was an over payment.

Has anyone had to deal with a delay in G.A.L., and what recourse my attorney is or might be taking since it's gone past the due date?
Does anyone know what happens since the F.A.L., in March payout is now considered an over payment? Is this something that will be subtracted from my settlement ( when ever that might be)?
Thanks Lefty
Injury date 11/2008; left upper extremity; CRPS; bilateral cubital tunnel syndrome; carpal tunnel syndrome.

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