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Return to Work and symptoms are worst
Thank you. Let me share what happen today. I sent an email to my supervisors in which I told them how unfair it was to give me a task which I was not capable of doing and went against my doctor's restriction. Both supervisors wrote me back and stated that they want to meet with me next week to discuss this matter. Now one of the supervisors will have to fly in to NY - this means only one thing the possibility that I will be fired! She never comes to NY unless it is to terminate an employeeSad
I have read all the replies and want to thank everyone because all are right - my health does come first -and companies do not have loyalty to their employees no matter how much you do a good job.

I went to my dr. today - he prescribed some meds and gave me a back brace and wants me to do another MRI. I'm no doctor, but if he could not find anything the first time why is he requesting a 2nd MRI? I could not get my meds because it has to be approved by the insurance carrier and I'm still waiting for the approval...ughhhhhh - Sorry, just venting. Thanks for listening
(01-25-2011, 09:09 PM)nursedina Wrote: Fit4-
That happened to me. I was out for two years after 3 back surgeries and a permanent left drop foot. I had two fusions, and a spinal cord stimulator implanted. After almost 2 years, my job called me and said they had a great desk job i could do. I begged my near surgeon to let me go back to work.
After three days, i was in tears. I called my doc, and he gave me extra pain meds, then i was crying and stoned for another week. I was cut to fur hour days. The pain just got worse and worse. It took almost 4 weeks of daily calls to my doc before he would let me off work again. My NS wouldn't write a letter taking me off work, and my pain mgmt doc didn't want to go against my NS.

Who was caught in the middle? Me. In pain, vomiting, crying..etc...

Finally taken back out of work. My symptoms 6 months later have not gotten better, only worse. Now comp wants to know why i am not working since my NS told them once that i could do it. Even though it wad MY DECISION to go back and try , they don't care. It created a nightmare for me that i wish i never started.

I wish you luck with this fight. It's a tough one. Take warning. Think of your health before anything else. I didn't at first, and now im paying for it.
Wow, that is horrible and I'm afraid the same thing is happening with me, thanks for sharing. It's awful the way they treat people. I wish you the best in your fight.

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