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Return to Work and symptoms are worst
Thank you fit4teen.
I agree with AQA that the majority of injured workers get better by moving.
In my case I kept moving and worked a lot of sixteen hours. Not by choice but, I was low on the totem pole. hahaha. I got held at least twice a month and sometimes 12 hours. Per our bargarning contract.
Now I know the Doctor's were all going off the report and not looking at the film.
I'm waiting this week to get authorization from Comp. for a right greater trochanteric bursa injections(never knew I needed that), new MRI of L-spine, and another emg. I probably won't hear back until next week. I'm used to getting deny. This time I'm hopeful. If I get turned down this time, I will use my private insurance. I learn a lesson and you can't replace your health.
You will be your best advocate. Finding a good Doctor to treat your problem can be challenging. I once was sent to this pain management Doctor. The Doctor had a pill for everything. He scared me....
Hopefully you can get the treatment you need and keep your job and everything will work out.
I feel bad for you because I still limp around and I know the pain.
Good luck. I hope to hear that the Doctor have found the problem and you are getting the treatment you need.


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