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Return to Work and symptoms are worst
I was in your same position in 2008. I just started a new job and I was still in my six months probationary period. I wanted this job very much. I only missed one day of work because of it.(at least at that point)
I fell on my right side and I thought "yea it will hurt for a while". I never fell so hard in my life.
I wanted to let you know that my job was the most important thing. I didn't care about my health. I was going to get through this.
Well I ended up almost dying from it. I got to the point that I was once very active and now on bed rest.
I developed dvt and then pulmonary embolism.
My husband would ask what is more important your life or your job way before this.
I recently wrote my MRI that was clean and showed no problem. Was just re-read by another Doctor and said I had a torn disc on the 2008 MRI. That would of been nice to know in 2008. I was made p & s last May. Last day of work was June 28. My injuries were so bad that I couldn't go back to my customary job. The job I wanted so much.
I don't mean to scare you but, you need to heal before this all becomes chronic.
I'm trying to give you the short version.
I belong to a union and that really helped me.
It's still very hard road. I'm on SDI. I have now stop being so depressed. Thats why I put Freedom. Freedom to enjoy life again. Worried since June and once again not about my health. But, over losing a job. I finally have learn a life lesson that I should have all ready of known. Life is everything. So I'm very happy to have a second chance at life.
Hope you get the treatment you need.

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