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Help - how can I force my judge to rule?
Okay I'm reposting this thread from the off-topic listing. I need my judge to rule ASAP beforeI end up permanently crippled. My judge has had my case since October 8, 2010

Something has changed in my knee, not good
Twice yesterday it felt like my knee was dislocating medially. The first time my husband caught me before I hit the ground, I nearly passed out due to the pain. It was nearly an hour before I could walk on it. About two hours later the same thing happened only I was more aware of what was happening, that the patella was shifting laterally and I needed to move it back. So when it happened I grabbed the wall and with my left hand pushed my patella medially and then I collapsed to the floor (have the bruise on my hip to prove it). Then I figured out even more, when my patella tracks laterally it literally moves my tibia medially allowing for a partial dislocation of my joint (sounds lovely I'm sure, love working thru these things).

The dislocation hasn't happened again but I can barely walk this afternoon. My hip hurts because I'm walking even worse than before,l my knee seems to be bowing in medially, especially when I walk. So my hip is trying really hard to compensate for the change.

I could go to the ER if it happens again (I'm sure it will), but that will only complicate my case further. I've been waiting for the judges decision since October for a TKR and treatment on my left hip. I've threatened 3 times now to remove this judge from my case and each time my lawyer has talked me out of it.

So quite the problem for me, do I re-position my patella if it happens again? (if I can) Or do I just let it happen and see if my tibial head gets damaged (I've seen cases of that). Gee, that would be sooooo, cool, NOT!!! In those cases they fix the tibial head first, wait for that to heal, screws and a cap usually. Then 2 to 3 months later they do the TKR. All the time you're non-weight bearing on that leg.
BB as everyone knows I am not the normal person on here....I am not now nor have I ever been a patient person....As an Air force wife I learned by writing my congressman and or senator many things were taken care off alot quicker.....In this day and age there is no reason to cripple a person just because she cant make a decision....and that is what she is doing to you and it is what she did to Bummer.....its time to remove her Lord knows how many she has crippled for life
........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......

Jayne none of the attorneys in our area, (Not just our attorney) will go againt this judge on her taking so long to make a decision. They protect this judge!

My TRK (left) ended up being rated at 75%, add the right knee, and lumbar spine, with the whole body 95%. Lack of treatment, delays, denials, and the judge taking her sweet time to make a decision.
Bummer you're right, none of the lawyers in this area will go against the judges. I'm on my second lawyer and he wouldn't stand up to her other.

I have sent off an email to my local state representative (thanks Jayne), if I don't get an answer then I will contact my representative in Congress.

Dont forget to send him dates and all the data you can from your Drs
........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......

I contacted my state legislators when I was waiting for a decision years ago. They did no more than contacact the governor's office, who I had already contacted. The governor's office contacted the wc ombudsman who called me and said, "I see you have an attorney, well in that case I can not talk to you"

I think you would get action if you would contact your congressman.
I know wc is state, but the state contacts did me no good.
That judge has to answer to someone.....she isnt God.....you have to find out who...thats who you go to...even if its a TV station to air your problem with the system....is your judge elected?
........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......

No she is appointed, I imagine by the work comp board.
My husband has reservations about my contacting a state representative to assist in getting a ruling. He's afraid that the judge will rule against me based on putting pressure on her.

anything or anyone you contact to force her hand may upset her....then again would she do anything that your lawyer could point out as retailitory(sp)....your in a darned if you do and darned if you dont....if your Dr backs you up as it needs to be taken care of STAT....then I would try anything I could....Does your husband have insurance? that is the route I took I explained it to my honeys insurance they spoke to the Dr.....and okayed the surgery....then they went after the WC IC....they okayed it right before the surgery....
........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......


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