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Prayers for Todd
The team came in and talked to Todd and his wife, Lori yesterday.

The family members who have signed up to be a donor will be going thu testing to see if they are good match.

If a good match is found, and after a meeting with the surgeon Feb 3rd, the transplant will happen next month.
Her problem is she is not real good at doing what the doc tells her. After she had most of her stomach removed the doc was begging us to get her to even go in for the followups. I sure hope we can get her to stay with it and do what they say.

I think it is wonderful so many family members are willing to help in your case. And glad you must have got everything done so they can get the transplant moving. Will be remembering the whole family until this is done and he has recovered.
All this has made me rethink about being a donor. Sure seems like knowing a part of you is living on and helping others would be a great thing.
Manley I was at the Lied Transplant Center In Nebraska when my sister had her liver transplant.

It is pretty amazing to be in the waiting room when the transplant teams comes in and tells the family the surgery was a success. I have first hand eperience with this.

The surgery coordinator is meeting woth Lori & Todd today to start the process troward the transplant.

The surgeon will not take on a patient who is non-compliant when it comes to a transplant,
I know this from experience.

Manley I wish your daughter well and hope things work out for her.
Bummer- Prayers going up for todd. I hope he gets his transplant soon. I understand all the surgeries and waiting as well as going to dialysis three time a weeks as I have for the last 2 1/2 years been going though the same mess. Been to surgery over 40 times and some times twice in one week and some weeks in surgery 3 times in one day. From what I have been told I am with in a couple years of get a transplant, still going though all kinds of test and hopeful no more surgery . Tell Todd to hold on and hold his head high.
May God send his angels to hold you in his arms

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