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Prayer please
Well the tube is out so she is off life support and doing pretty good so far. God Bless all for their prayers and please keep them coming, this is still going to be a long road. Thank you so much
worry changes nothing prayer changes every thing
Manley thanks for the update!
Thank the Lord Prayers will continue your road is a long one
........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......

Today was a joy. She has not been this loving and nice in a very years. She is doing great. They needed to get a new IV started to get her some antibiotics and her arms are just about shot for veins so one of the doc's from the pain center came it with that machine to find your veins and it was so bad they had to go into her neck to get a good line. Felt so sorry for her but she did great. She is in such good spirits it so nice.
things are looking up....right Dr and good family..leave in in Gods hands
........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......

Good news Manley, thanks for the update!
Sitting here thinking this morning, something I never seem to have time for any more. But I truly feel God has a special place for the members of this board. Maybe he listens more because he knows the troubles most have had here or it could be just that we pull for a common goal in helping others. But my family and I are the ones truly blessed to have found this places. God bless everyone for their prayers
Manley, we will still keep praying for you's.. I'm glad things are looking up...... I believe in the power of prayer, and when you add our great family from here and some take it to thier church or prayer groups its powerfull... When I was coming close to my time, I had prayers going all over the globe. God is wonderfull, isnt he................
Yes my daughter called her churches prayer chain as soon as I let her know what was going on. I also called a friend from work that added to his church's list and I'm sure there was a few more in there besides the folks on here, almost forgot facebook. There was allot of people praying for my daughter and I can't begin to thank each one in person but I sure will include them in my daily prayer and hope they never have to go thru this in their life. And there have been a few folks that have seen the power of prayer because of this

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