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Frustrated in Illinois
New to the forum and wondering if anyone has any thoughts on how to cope and get through this mess called WC. In Feb 2010 I injured my shoulder and neck while working and had surgery on the shoulder in April.I fully expected to have returned to work by late summer but still not back to work and no date in site as to when I will return. Due to the nature of my job, my employer does not have light duty. Since surgery I have not been able to regain strength in the shoulder and finally after exhausting all avenues my Dr is wanting to do another surgery and currently waiting for WC approval for 2nd surgery. As of Dec 6, I received a letter from my employer stating that they had terminated all my benefits as of Dec. 1 and to be expecting info regarding COBRA and as of last week I still had not received any info, when I contacted my employer as to why I had not rec'd the info, they stated they had changed my ins. drop date to Dec 31 and forgot to tell me.....nice. Does anyone have any ideas how to deal with the health ins/Cobra issue? My attorney says to just find a way to pay. Thats easy for him to say when he's not the one that is on WC and having to pay for COBRA. I am just so frustrated with all of this right now. Everything just seems to be dragging out a whole lot longer than it should be. Is this the norm with WC?
welcome to the forum...your WC bills should continue to be paid by WC....personal ic is your problem right?shoulder injury mmmmmm off hand I know there is someone but cant put my finger on who is the shoulder person....I believe its RNVic and I also believe she is from Il...might try PMing her for more info...nothing is normal for wc.....if your spouse isnt working you can try state IC for any kids you might have...otherwise.....cobra is just to expensive for most IW to afford.....
........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......

Not sure but I would think this sounds like they are terminating your employment if they are putting you on cobra. Is this the case? I'm from IL as well and I can tell you nothing here works very fast. Trust me your employer may try every trick in the book to hit you hard in the wallet. And believe me it's not fair at all. One thing they want you to do is give up and call it quits. Remember it's your health and wellness and you are the one that has to do your best to take care of it. Yes lawyers never seem to care much about what you are going thru but a good one will do everything they can to help. Just remember nothing gets doen overnight. In my case once they put me off work because they had no work within my restrictions and they denied my injury being WC it took 2 years to get my TTD checks started after all the hearings and appeals.
One of the first things that I did when I found out that I had my benefits terminated was to contact HR at my place of employment and ask what my current employment status was and they informed that I was listed as leave of absence. Financially things are so difficult right now, trying to keep the things that I have worked so hard for and now to get hit with the ins/cobra issue. My attorney keeps telling me that everything will be ok in the end. But that doesn't help things now, especially when there is no end in site. I am getting the impression that those of us whose health insurance was terminated and cant afford COBRA just have to do without health insurance. Somehow this just doesn't seem fair. Oh and not only was my health insurance terminated but the disability that I had paid extra for was terminated as well.
isnt life grand......are you by any chance union? sometimes unions can help
........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......

In the end it should come out okay but the road is not a very flat or straight road for most. If you have a union talk with them now. After rereading your first post yes it is normal for things to drag out in WC. Now what the company is doing may only be what they would normally do to anybody going thru this and it could be them working to get you to settle faster and for less, it's hard to say. By them pushing the date back it could be they are working to help you some. Just remember the WC system is just that to your employer, a system. And they are doing what they can to save money because the bottom line to them is how much is this going to cost. In your case it could be they are going to do that they can to get you back to normal. Will say a prayer and hope everything comes out okay
Thank you so much for your responses. You have no idea how much I appreciate this. No, unfortunately I am not Union so there is no help from that aspect. Sometimes it just seems so lonely going through this and no one understands until they have been through or going through this themselves. I am so thankful to have found this forum and know that I am not the only one that is fighting theses battles. God bless all of you.
Sorry for the delay in the rely but been away from the computer for a day or so. Thanks for the kind words and yes this is a wonderful place to find help. Sometime others don't give you the answers you want but it is the correct info Nobody does understand unless they have been thru it and you will find folks here that have been thru some really bad times. We all think it is the worse days of our lifes and to us it is but hearing what others have been thru will help your bad days look better. Stay long enought and you will see how we all act, we all have good days and bad days and we need others to help us thru those bad days. If you let them they will help. God bless you too as with him by your side you can get thru anything.
Most of us have been thru the daily struggles with paying the bills while on work comp.

I've worked for nonprofits agencys over the years helping individuals in difficult situations find assistance.

Something you can do from your own computer; google Unted Way 211. What will come up will be a web page linked to a database. Enter your zip code, or city state, another web page will open up, this is where you enter the type of assistance you are looking.

A list of agencys providing specific assistance will appear next.

I was injured in 2005 and seeking help from an agency for my son's medications was one of the hardest things I've had to do. But sometimes we have to do what we have to do.

Send me a pm if you have any questions.
I am new to this forum for Illinois anda word of advice.
If your attorney doesn't file a 19b-1 motion right out of the gate on either or both wage stoppage, or medical...........SUE HIM.

What is needed is a total FEDERAL investigation and a FEDERAL Grand Jury from top to bottom. Illinois is number one or two in total litigation. Illinois has more insurance companys writing workers comp insurance than 48 other states.

I have a letter from former Chairman Ruth (now a Judge) who admits to me on paper that arbitrators will kick back a mandated 180 day emergency motion (trial and appeal)and force the attorney to withdraw it (without clients knowledge) and replace it with the 19b.....the one with no statutory time limits. Knowing in advance the injured client has almost no chance of getting a 19k (penalty) or a section 16(attorney fee)
Which simply means the State has violated a workers right to due process anda fair unbiased trial and contributes to his mental, physical, and certainly financial damage.
What the law would call CIVIL CONSPIRACY against the injured of the State. The lawyers are happy with the delay, the State is in no hurrry to comply with the law and the insurance company's are happy because they can starve the injured worker to death, keep from paying for long periods of time and pay no more than they would have from the beginning. Years in fact. Lawyers stack cases and are in no hurry to get what is due the injured worker under the act, and they get 20% for doing nothing of every week that goes by.
These people are abusing power, breaking the law, and should be put in jail. THE IWCC IS CORRUPT!

Vondrake ( I have been fighting for justice against these crooks for a long time)
PS If you want to see a copy of the former Chairman's letter I will be glad to send you one.

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