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I was injured at work,and the injury I have was not found until 6 months after my wreck.The doctors first thought I had the pain from my lower back and treated me with all sorts of injections,then they thought I had a tumor on my spine,and treated me for months for the tumor with antibiotocs.The pain never let up,so the doctor had me stand and take an x-ray,leaning way forward and found my coccyx was detached.My employer says my coccyx never got injured and they are not covering it.I was taken from work by ambulance to the hospital.We have a court date coming next month and my lawyer thinks I should settel for around 100,000.00.The doctors that I have taking care of me all made statements saying yes it did happen at work from the acciddent.and is the sole reason for my disability.How do I show the judge this happened at work? I was making 40,000.00 a year and in my 50's.I don't know what the future brings and i'm not sure what to settle for. please help breeze56
listen to your lawyer
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but I am 100% disabled and can not work,how can I make it on that amount?
you also have to look at the chances of the employer winning and it's not covered.
if you want to have the court decide you may have to change attys.
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........Each state has their own comp system; POST YOUR STATE to get accurate information. Use the search feature to find information from similar questions.

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