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Complaint against work comp doctor
A few weeks ago I filed a complaint against the work comp doctor with the Kansas Board of Healing Arts.

I filed the complaint listing two reasons for doing so.
The first was for being injured by the doctor when he did an exam.
The second was for the doctor's notes being different from what happened at the IME appointment and the appointment at which I was injured.

The doctor was told at the second appointment of the injury, and the doctor did test to determine the extent of the injury, yet there is nothing in the doctor's notes the injury happened or test were done. I have an audio tape of the appointment and a witness who was with me at the appointment.

Today I received a letter from the state board I mentioned above. It reads, you will likely be contacted by an investigator for more information. Unless discliplinary action is taken against this license, we will be unable to provide you with our progress or findings of the investigation. If you are contacted by an investigator durning the investigation, you will be notified when the investigation is concluded.

I have to wonder how seriously the complaint will be taken due to this being work comp, and the stigma involved.

I sent records with the complaint, the doctor's notes, notes from the audio tape, my writen notes I went over with the doctor, the cervical MRI, and report from the neurosurgeon.

I again see the neurosurgeon this week on the cervical injury.
I am having changes of the burning/numbness, tingling of the other (right) arm & hand. The displaced nerve root and pressure on the spine is left lateral with symptoms previous being on this side. Physical therapy thinks the disc has moved causing the right sided symptoms.

I will post with any updates on the complaint.
you said in a previous post you had information that the doctor was being paid to lie.
was that included in the complaint?
are you following up on that?
Reminder :
........Each state has their own comp system; POST YOUR STATE to get accurate information. Use the search feature to find information from similar questions.
That was the information given to me, I haven't been able to prove this statement so it was not included in the complaint.

My attorney did say something is in the works on this, he just won't say what.

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