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recent mmi evaluation
I recently flew to New Jersey to be evaluated by the workmans comp doctor and my attorneys doctor in October. This turned out to be an inconvenience because Im in my last year of college and finding the time proved difficult. A week before I flew out the workmans comp doctor re-scheduled my appointment for the following week. So I had to pay an additional $100 to move my flight. Typical. Having read some of these threads a while back i kind of new what to expect from their doctor. Very polite and a nice smile and ready to put words in my mouth! I asked my doctor for a copy of the report for my own records and they stated that my rating was %15 ptd for my lumbosacral spine and %5 ptd. My doctor gave me a rating at %55 with permanent/partial disability of the lumbar spine being higer. I've had two previous sugeries on my l5/s1. One was a microdiscectomy in 2001 and one was decompression and laminectomy in 2004. Both my workmans comp doctors have stated that I need a spinal fusion. The only problem is Im 33 and have been active my whole life. My injury is sports related. I was playing professional baseball for the atlantic city surf at the time of my injury. Only problem is they dont exist now. The previous surgeries I had was when I played for the Anaheim Angels whom I played for 9 years with. So thats a little recap about myself. Now my question is since the balls finally rolling forward what can I expect from them and how long is this going to take? I noticed there was a chart that somebody posted on one of the threads which showed hands and fingers percentages. Is there one for backs that I can look at. Sorry this is so long but I just have so much to say.
expect them to try and negotiate a settlement somewhere between the IME rating and your doctors rating.
for New Jersey the back is a non-scheduled loss and based on a whole body maximum of 600 weeks.
Reminder :
........Each state has their own comp system; POST YOUR STATE to get accurate information. Use the search feature to find information from similar questions.

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