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Learned my employment has been terminated
I was injured 2005.

I worked at a local community college when I was injured. Today I was on their web site. According to the personal employment section of the site a termination date has recently been posted to my employment status, dated termionated December 2006.

I find this odd because HR requested to meet with me May 2007 to discuss my position and I meet with the assist HR director, my supervisor, and assist supervisor. It was decided at that meeting I would be placed on medical leave.

I have a copy of the e-mail HR sent me requesting a meeting as well as documentation from that meeting signed by my supervisor.

According to the college HR policy a termination meeting is held with the employe, this has not happened with me.

I find this interesting, and have to wonder if this has anything to do with the settlement conference scheduled later this month?

A puzzled Bummer Knees
doesnt your daughter get tuition help because you are employed there? if they back date will you have to pay that back?.....might wanna make that clear in any settlement papers you sign
........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......

Jayne each semester once my daughter is enrolled, I go to the HR Department and request the employee tuition benefit form.
I complete this forum and submit it to the HR Department, and at this time they check my status to vertify that I am currently employed at the college. Once approved the form is signed & dated by the HR Department and I take the approved form to accounts receivables where the college clears her tuition balance to zero.

My daughter is in her second semester of college, and prior to that I was enrolled in classes a couple of times after my injury. and receiced free tuition.

My supervisor dated the termation date as of 12/06. On April 25, 07 the HR department contacted me about where I was with work comp and scheduled a meeting for May 4, 2007. At this meeting I meet with the HR director, my supervisor, & assist supervisor and at that meeting it was decided by HR that I would be placed on medical leave.
jayne Wrote:doesnt your daughter get tuition help because you are employed there? if they back date will you have to pay that back?.....might wanna make that clear in any settlement papers you sign
Looks like you got lots of proof if they try to pull any kind of crap...can you be medically retired? Bill was from Pepsi after he was hurt it made a big difference cuz he is still intitled to alot of benifits as a retired pepsi employee....
........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......

Same thing happen to me. After I had been paying my part of my family insurance plan and even was given my 5 years service pin for working for the company they say they terminated me before that date and even sent me a check for all the money I had paid on my plan.
Jayne I don't know, I need to read the Employee Handbook.

I still have $1,200.00 in leave balances I have not received from my employer.

Manley I do not understand how they can do that to you.

My niece's husband is a federal attorney, he looked at my paper work and said while I can not do anything for being terminated, the date of termination was a false date.
I'm not sure. They tried to term me after I had been off work for 2 years saying I didn't return from my disability leave, to which we told them I was not on disability I was on WC since I won all my hearings in the fight for WC. So they didn't term me at that point. Then 5 months later they said yes they did term me 5 months back. I even called the person that signed my letter with my 5 year pin and asked how I got my 5 years in if I had been terminated back then. She had no answer. I'm letting my lawyer worry about it. One thing I do know is my employer has not very much by what the law says and the hearing officer for my area knows this
I meet with my attorney next week and will give him a heads up on this in case the respondent's attorney tries to use this in court.
Yep get with the attorney, figure this one out. Prayers that it's just a typo. They'd have alot of proving to do if they were allowing your daughter tuition and then found out you were allegedly terminated Dec 2006. I'd say they have alot more to prove than you do. I'm in one of 'those moods' so I'd say. 'make me pay that'

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