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Might be next year for Judges decision
Well it's finally happened, the courts, the judge, my lawyer finally made me cry. I spoke to him this am, the judge apparently is working on the ruling but since her health isn't too good it will probably be mid next year before a decision is made.

I cried, doesn't happen that often. That obviously upset my lawyer (it's about time), he told me that he would call the clerk back and tell her that my condition is worsening and that a decision is important.
BodyBuilder I told you the story about when I was waiting for the ALJ's decision on my knee replacement and I called our attorney. He could hear the pain in my voice, and yes I was in tears durning that phone call, the attorney ended the call with, "I will see what I can do to speed things up" Well he did as I had a decision within a week.

I do believe our attorney will do everything he can to get a decision soon, he really does not like to see his clients in tears due to pain.

Two years ago when I was waiting the decision for my replacement the delay was due to health problems the ALJ was experiencing.

This is BULL!!! She needs to retire!
Attorney told me last year that she can't afford to retire, she'd have no medical coverage. Gee, how does that make us feel?
I wonder what would happen if we filed a cival suit agaisnt the Judge? I mean can we? its their delay that makes us worse......I mean shouldnt there be a reasonable time limit on these things....Lord have mercy you can sue for just about anything else......maybe a nasty letter to the Editor.....or something that bring attention to the problem....
........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......

Jayne don't tempt me with the 're-load' part. I got my favorite pistol grip shotgun.

My husband and I prayed and talked about this until he was almost late for work today. God has a plan, I just need to remember that. Maybe I'll end up with the winning lottery ticket or something and get a diamond tipped knee replacement.

I don't know, I do recall a post where I said it would be next year. I do hate judges and lawyers.
I have one of those......I love it.......someone tried to tell me it was llegal... dumba**s.....I like to carry it when we go walking in he woods something jump out at ya just aim and shoot your gonna hit it.....it sure took care of a nest of snakes....come to think about it not a whole lot of difference in a nest of snakes and those who work for WC is there? cept for our buds on here of course....
My son carried it after Katrina when he and my Husband and middle Daughter took a truck load of supplies down to our oldest daughter.....nobody came near the truck....
........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......

We have 5 shotguns, the pistol grip is my favorite, nice size for a small woman. I remember the first time my husband shot it and he got a black eye. Dumb bunny, you don't aim a shotgun, it doesn't have 'sites' on it.

My figuring on shotguns is this, anyone who sticks around after you load a round in both chambers deserves what they get. Shot alot of skunks with that gun, pointed it at a couple of people but never fired at anyone. Last time when a neighbor was beating the crap out of his girlfriend. We take it with us camping without fail. Sure it's illegal to carry a firearm in most state/national parks but we're not taking it out unless we have to, but I want a weapon with us. We also carry a 9mm.

I want to do the KS concealed carry but it costs alot of money. Plus then the government knows you have atleast one weapon.

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