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the cost of being on w/c
hello again, i am in CA. well after w/c paid my employer for my prior time off (2/3 monthly gross for the 13 months), employer pays SDI back for their payments to me, i am informed that after using my time on the books to supplement any differences i still owe SDI $3800! apparently SDI paid more than IDL so i owe the difference. this blows my mind and truly adds insult to injury. can't wait to get fixed and get on with my life. happy thanksgiving anyway!
curley - sorry that happened to you. A friend of mine had to pay back 14,000!! I hope you have a Happy thanksgiving as well. In the midst of all this madness, I hope you can find a few things to be thankful for.
Have a great day!!

happy thanksgiving to you too! that is a heck of alot more money than i owe so i guess i don't feel so bad. still don't understand it though, i knew i would get less money per month but not end up having to pay back SDI! thats just wrong, plain and simple. i am getting SDI again since i am off work because w/c refuses to pay TD. they still insist that the QME said i was P&S but the actual report says NO. back to having to pay them back again if things don't go right.

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