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Hurt Knee In Oklahoma
On Oct 28th I injured my knee while working I reported it and went to my personal dr she said it was most likely a torn MCL but could not say until a MRI was performed. My employerr refered me to a specialist who requested a MRI while waiting my company did Physical therapy On me she stated it appeared to be a torn MCL. I was on a sit only restriction at work from the company dr, Yesterday the day before my MRI was to be read by the company DR my boss had me violate my restrictions and my knee popped again I called in sick today afraid of hurting my knee further it has since swollen twice its normal size and I cant put my full weight on it without feeling like my knee is going to collapse. I went to my Co DR appointment today and he said the MRI showed massive fluid build up and a partial torn LCL when I asked about my knee now he said it is to swollen to examen he prescribed pain medication and I went to the pharmacy to pick them up my workman's comp did not cover them I'm in constant pain and am affraid to call in tomorow. Can I request a new dr or a new dr visit for the new injury?
yes you can request a change of doctors.
the process is different if the employer has a designated health plan provider.
you can contact the court for the proper forms
Reminder :
........Each state has their own comp system; POST YOUR STATE to get accurate information. Use the search feature to find information from similar questions.
Welcome to the forum!

I imagine additional damage was done to the knee when you violated the work restrictions.

My injury was Nov 2005, meniscus injury of bilateral knees. I reported my injury right away to my employer, took one day off after the injury and returned to work as an early childhood teacher the following day.

My employer sat on my report and did not send me to a doctor for 2 months.
In January the wc doctor examined the left knee, said the only thing to be done was surgery, and returned me to work with restrictions.

I returned to work following the restrictions but the surgery wasn't scheduled until the end of March due to my employer's request. I had surgery on the left knee and it was found the injury to be worse than first thought.

(I had continued to work up until the surgery outside of my restrictions at my employer's demand and it tore up the knees) I ended up having a total knee replacement on the left knee and need one on the other knee.

I now use a cane and will for life.

The doctor gives an injured workr restriction for a reason; to prevent additional injury. It is your responsibility to follow the work restrictions.

Good luck!

It is very unusual to have only a LCL injury. Some incomplete LCL tears heal with rest, bracing and physical therapy. It's also very important to not start physical therapy until the proper diagnosis is made. Your doctor should of put you on crutches when you re-injuried your knee. When your WC prescription was denied you should of gone to your employer and had them handle getting it for you.

It is very common for the knee to be very unstable after such an injury. A severely sprained or torn collateral ligament may be accompanied by a torn anterior cruciate ligament, which usually requires surgical repair The buckling and popping that you felt was probably the LCL completely tearing.

I would definitely seek out another doctor. I would return to work only to talk to your HR about crutches, another doctor and proper pain relief.

God Bless,
That is what I thought may have happened but the wc dr only spent about 3 mins looking at me yesterday and since my mri was taken before the second pop there was nothing on it besides the partial torn lcl. I just want my knee fixed. I'm not looking to get anything else from them, but I'm also worried about them firing me due to calling in for it since the company dr just looked at it yesterday. I know my body though and I know something is wrong.
Thanks for all the quick reply guys
duplicate post
Reminder :
........Each state has their own comp system; POST YOUR STATE to get accurate information. Use the search feature to find information from similar questions.
Okla laws have changed alot in the last 5 years they have gone from a injured worker friendly state to a up yours injured worker state...again its the insurance companies that have the money that make the rules...I was injured before the new laws took effect.....I was lucky enough to have an excellent lawyer that fought long and hard for me....if you are having this much trouble this early you have no choice but to get a good lawyer to protect your rights and your knee....Bummer knees will tell you it started with her one knee thru her wc nighmare it has now involved her entire body...what could have been taken care of quickly and her back to work...wasnt done now she is totally disabled....good luck
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