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late report of injury
I was injured back in April on the job. It didn't seem too bad at the time. I told my supervisor that I should probably file an injury report, but she didn't get me one and I didn't push it, since it didn't seem too bad. Since then my symptoms have been getting progressively worse and now I need surgery on my neck and will be unable to work for 2 months. I'm being told that they won't accept the claim because I didn't file the report in time. But I thought that was the employer's responsibility. What recourse do I have, and can I hope to get my claim through?
many states allow plenty of time but it depends on the circumstances. i can't be more specific because you didn't indicate which state laws control your claim.
most doctors are also required to notify the employer when treating a work injury. why didn't yours?
Reminder :
........Each state has their own comp system; POST YOUR STATE to get accurate information. Use the search feature to find information from similar questions.
Is there proof you told the employer about the injury?

The day after I was injured I reported my injury to the head instructor at work.
When I made the phone call to work I told the instructor I would not be at work that day because I had injured my knees at work the previous day.

The instructor wrote this in the teacher's log book. The school director reviews the log daily, but no action was taken to send me for medical treatment.

I reinjured the knees a week later at work and again reported the injury.

The fact that I had reported the first injury and the proof was in the log book helped my claim in being accepted for medical treatment even tho it was past the required 10 day reporting time limit in my state.
The state would help. Here in PA notice to the supervisor is all that is required of the injured worker. Your state may be different.

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