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MMI or Impairement Rating
Hi, I was injured at work 9-14-09...Well after testing & such it was determined that i needed surgery to repair rotator cuff. I had a surgery on 12-29-09. The surgery made me WAY WORSE than i ever was or probably would have been without it. After surgery been through 24 session of PT. Have been through EMG/NCV tests MRI X-Rays ROM/FCE tests.. After second opinion, finally got a different surgeon that determined that i had issues with Long Thoracic Nerve. On 8-4-10 i underwent a Pec Major Transfer where they transferred that tendon to my shoulder blade to fix ( scapular winging). Well, after few months and more therapy i am still unable to use my arm but about 40%. It swells up and turns purple with movement and pops like it wants to come out of the socket. Well i am setup for a MMI appointment on 12-9-10.. I truly believe the first surgeon messed me up, and it was suggested by one of the Dr i went to that the bicep tendon anchor was in wrong place, however not written in dictation. Well, recently changed surgeons (AGAIN) and he says that their is nothing surgically that he thinks can be done, however he says that their is a Dr he can refer me to for possible RSD. If in fact I have something treatable, is it possible to not go through the MMI and get fixed. The only thing i want is to be fixed, do not wanna be worse than i was before the medical attempts to fix it. After the injury before anything medical was done i was able to use my arm WAY more than what i am able to now. Any advice and/or opinions would be greatly appreciated. If it is due to the first surgeons mistakes, how would i go about finding someone to diagnose that so i can begin doing what i need to do either against that dr or obtaining another to fix me. I AM LOST and my attorney is absolutely NO HELP as she seems to not know enough to tell me what to do next. Thank you in advance for your input
"is it possible to not go through the MMI and get fixed."
no. any doctor can give an opinion about maximum medical improvement at any time; it is not under your control.
if there is a dispute about your mmi status, comp court can resolve it if parties can't settle issue among themselves.

a civil atty that specializes in medical malpractice case is aware of how to obtain persuasive medical evidence to support legal action.
Reminder :
........Each state has their own comp system; POST YOUR STATE to get accurate information. Use the search feature to find information from similar questions.

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