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Hurt Lower Back
I've also been hurt in indiana. the work comp laws here are weighted heavily in the employers favor. hang in there.
(11-17-2010, 11:48 AM)Backsout Wrote:
AQA Wrote:I am unfamilure with your state laws and regs. pertaining to WC.

I am familure with back injuries to a point. I am confused as to why your personal IC picked up the tab for the injections??????? Anyway, if the injections worked for a time period (even a short one) That means that something is wrong. Which puts you in the what if scenerio. Meaning, what if you need future medical???? I am back to the original question. Why is your personal IC picking up the tab???? Did WC deny it??? HHHMMM????

Here in Indiana when the WC doctor feels that you have met MMI then he can release you to return to work with restrictions. If your employer cant give you a job with those restrictions then you need to get more help. I have called my IC and they are going after their money from the WC ins company. I Filed paperwork with the WC board which has taken some time to get through. Now if the IME says that I wasent at MMI then I can get more help through WC ins company. So I was left in all this pain so I had to do something. So I used My own IC to get some relief. Here are my restrictions .No repetive lifting, twisting,or bending. The pound limit for lifting is not to exceed 10 lbs. No climbing ladders, scaffolds, or platforms. No prolonged(>30 min) sitting or standing. No squatting. No stopping. So they gave me a PPI rating at 5% for a settlement of $6900.00. The Facet Nerve Block shots did help for some time that I got on my own, which proves that something could have been done, but workmans comp refused to do anything for me just gave me the PPI and released me. So I guess they do not have to get you back to work Like I was told by my employer, we both have learned alot about WC here in IN. Like I said looks like to me when you get hurt in Indiana you get treated like an old wore out mule put out to pasture for your last dieing days. Is that a crock or what?


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