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Hurt Lower Back
Backsout Wrote:Hi, Im new here, looking for some insite. I have a collapsed herniated L5 disk in my back that happened at work several months ago. I worked with the workmans comp doctors for 3 months, they put me in therapy which did nothing but agitate the problem even more and some meds. Then they release me with restrictions and a 5% PPI Rating, and now my employer will not allow me to go back to work with these horrible restrictions. I had to use my own insurance to get some relief from the pain ( some pain blocking shots ) which have already wore off, I finally got a IME appointment that was passed by the workmans comp board. I guess when you get hurt they just put out to pasture like a wore out mule. I live in indiana. Anyone have any wags on this?

did you hire an attorney? I am going through a similar situation, ive been out of work for almost a year. The best advice that i can give you is try to remain positive, I know how that can be much easier said than done. You will also be required to be patient, Ive done 2 cortizone shots, therapy (15 weeks), FCE, and 2 IME's oh and this "psychosocial" exam. which says i wont heal from surgery...........Ive done everything asked of me without so much as a peep. I am still in limbo here with no end in sight, atleast as far as i can tell.

BUt......you found the right place. good peeps hanging around here. Best of luck to you.

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