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If I drop my claim.....
I dont want to go all the way with the claim. I just wanted medical care and paid time off from work, I didnt realize that it goes all the way into hearing for disability ratings and such. I DONT want a disability rating that will affect me down the road for jobs nor do I want permanent work restrictions written on me. I already know my employer gave my position to someone else. I need to get clarification from someone in the union of my return to work rights because the one union rep said when I return, with or without restrictions, I have to apply within the hospital and have 30 days to find a position or else I am terminated. That doesnt make sense on a work comp loa. Anyhow, if my treating doc will send me back with no restrictions, if i then drop the claim, no one will be able to rate me on a disability with permanent restrictions????
an employer has the right at any time to order a fitness for duty medical exam.
whether they will or not is anyone's guess.
if you're given a full release it's unlikely the employer will challenge it.
Reminder :
........Each state has their own comp system; POST YOUR STATE to get accurate information. Use the search feature to find information from similar questions.
Dropping your claim isn't the best of options. I understand that you fear permanent disability ratings and restrictions which could potentially inhibit matters in life on down the road. However, these things play significance when settling a workers' comp claim. Claims can be settled in NC based upon the rating OR the wage loss. Usually, wage loss will be greater than the compensation for the rating. Also, what happens if you drop your claim and then you require a surgery. Do you want to be financially responsible for that? Think things out thoroughly before making your move!

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