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Quick - Most disgusting thing you've ever done?
For me, doing mouth-to-snout on a newborn kitten. I'm talking just born with gunk (vernix) still all over it. I even did chest compressions, my kids were just amazed, especially when the kitten let out a little cry. Then I got all of the gross, "Ewww, mom, your mouth, it's nasty". I remember chasing them around the garage trying to kiss them.

That kitten, lived 7 years, Tigger died this spring. He never did meow, kind of a raspy cry. But he was smart, he would carry on a conversation with us. He had certain cries for certain questions. I miss that cat, 3 times I saved his life but I couldn't save him in May. We buried him under a Honey Locust tree.

I've never done mouth-to-snout again. Humans yes, but not on another animal.

Dont consider that gross BB but wonderful that you would even try much less succede...concrats....I do what alot of folks would consider gross things here on the farm...I have reached hi inside a goat and fixed her baby so it would come out feet and snout first not head turned backwards have done the same for a cow......have done mouth to mouth on both of them never on a human tho....I cleaned my Daddys body after he died many thought that was gross but it was the last thing I could do for him he hated being dirty.......
I guess its what you grow up with........something gross to someone else is everyday........
I just found out children still have worms.....in this country?
........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......

Most disgusting thing I've ever done?

Married my ex-husband!
I gave mouth to mouth to a chinchilla sadly tinkerbell did not make it she died of heat stroke but I tried my best
Live for Today, Love for Today, Laugh for Today.
man i couldnt do any of this !!! i am too easy to PUKE to go with the gross thing ,how did i ever raise three kids ? my mom lived next door lollol thats how !!!
worry changes nothing prayer changes every thing
Hmmmm...if I can locate a certain toddler picture of myself, I'll post it. You know what they say, 'A picture is worth a thousand words'! Wink

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