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SS Dr. appt and mental health exam
I have 2 appt set for SS one a physical exam and one a mental one ? Are these just as bad as the WC IME's ? I am not to worried about it I have all the medical on my side, what I worry about it the mental issue LOL I know I am insane but must I tell the Government I am. Any help on these appt would be great, I have been completely honest with the pain and issues all along but with anything in life it is so unsure
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The one thing I can say is be honest, it will provide the best outcome. Now for those appt's I can't say because every time SSDI would set on up for me they would cancel it before I got to go. My wife has been to both and each one was on her side but they still turned her down. Good luck
I was set up for both exams, but a week before the physical exam the SS informed me it was not necessary for me to go for that exam. the mental one I had to go to. it was nothing really, very easy just be yourself and be honest. they can tell if you are not honest with them, so do not jepordize your integerity. You will more help from them with honesty. It was only a few weeks after they cancelled the physical exam that I actually was approved. I received my back pay 2 weeks before I received my letter of approval. I am like what I got money before knowing i was approved. So good luck with your exams and just be honest with them.
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