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Trick or Treat.......
I just wanted to say Happy Halloween to everyone..... I married a trick and a treat, It's my wifes birthday today so its hard to forget her birthday.......lol. Here in the community the city has this year put an age limit on kids who can dress up and go trick or treating. You must be 12 and younger because to many kids are being harassed by older kids and the home owners are getting worried with the bigger kids dressed up with masks......... Many of the store owners give out treats for the youngsters, but many wont because of the idea of being robbed by older kids pretending to be younger...... The city has some very good points on keeping it safe, we went from trick or treating in day light hours to this............What is this world comming to.........
we went camping this year.....people in the campground last evening walked their dogs in costumes around it was so cute.....it was low key and nice....it was a disapointment to our california grandkids who wanted to trick or treat but to many mean and nastys out any more.....Quietdude and I told the kids about when we were kids and trick or treating...they didnt believe we went with pillow cases and filled them too! course alot of home made goodies and back then it was safe to eat em......
........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......


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