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aggregate trust fund
i recived a letter from the wcb it says decision: supplemental.
the present value of the above award is x amount of dollars as of 2/8/11 under section 27 wcl for payment into the aggregate trust fund assuming that compensation benefits have been paid to 2/8/11.

based apon the above deposit the aggregate trust fund will be liable only for payment for disabilty benefits to the claimant.

can someone tell me what this means does this mean iam being awarded the amount stated in the letter. will i be reciving this money?
I dont know Blake but someone will come along that does glad to see you back...
........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......

yes sorry i have been gone for awhile everything has been going well been very busy with school.
does anyone have and knowlege on this subject out there?
i just spoke with my lawyers assistant and she doesnt know what this means. my lawyer is out of town till next week, and this is driving me crazy. from what i read online its a way to get the ins comp to stop dragging their feet and settle so that it drives down nys rates. anyone know if this is true and does this mean this is my settlement
its a notice of decision and it says DECISION: SUPPLEMENTAL? the goes into the amount of the award into my aggregate trust fund,
sounds like carriers can deposit lumpsum settlement amounts into it from which periodic payments can be made to workers.
just an educated guess....
I don't think we have that many regular viewers who are familiar with the details of recent New York comp law.
i believe the NY comp board has a help number for worker information.
Reminder :
........Each state has their own comp system; POST YOUR STATE to get accurate information. Use the search feature to find information from similar questions.
the the amount in the letter is my award and is pretty much my lump sum settlement? i know there was big changes in 2007 to section 27 and the aggreagte trust fund. im just wondering if the amount stated in the letter is my money or if its my settlemnet amount. about 2 months ago my lawyer sent the ins comp a letter of demand for a settlement but we havent heard anything back. well over 6 months ago i was classified with a ppd so i think theres a timeline fron then to settle. wasnt sure if anyone was familar with these things.
is anyone on here anymore?
blake Wrote:is anyone on here anymore?

I'm here blake, but know nothing of what your talking.... Sorry I cant help..... I would do a little digging, find a number to call.. I know it hard not knowing but may have to wait until your lawyer is back....... I hope its for the best....
thank you for you help i will se what number i can dig up

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