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Search party for RNVIC?
Well guys, he's back and I'm sad to say he has a broken wing!! Now I have to contact Admin. to find out where to file, cyberspace has no Compensation system! He's resting well here at home in a ice bath, and I got him a female Penguin nurse to care for him, boy does it get noisy in there when she gives him a check-up!!(LOL) Sorry he didn't complete his mission, maybe when he's better I'll send him back in!!Tongue
AAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH Poor little fellow, Hope his injury heals soon, and he dosen't have to fight for too long, We are all pulling for him to have a quick recovery.
Thanks, but he's spending so much time making noises in that tub with the Nurse Penguin, I don't think he wants to get better (LOL) If this keeps up I'm going to have to throw warm water on them!!(LOL)!Tongue
LMAO!!!!!!! Good one!! I'm sorry to hear of penguins injury. Hopefully, with all our love and support he'll get better. If not, we'll send in a male nurse penguin to help him out...that ought to do it!!!!! And if the noises continues.....we'll just shoot them both!!! LOL Not really...just messing with you all!!
I know that RN was going back to work at an old facility where she used to work only this time as the Director of Nursing. I know she stated not long before we moved that she was having a hard time getting back into the swing of things and she was having some increased pain but that the new admin. there was of great help and telling her to not overdo it or anything like that. I hope she's not having to much trouble!! I thought at one time I had her email....I'll do some checking. If I do, then I'll send her a new invite. Of course, I may not have it and it'll just me telepathically telling her to check her email for the invite she received from admin. I'm thinking any user of the old site was given an invite to the new site...so she should have it!! I'll also email admin so that maybe they'll try again to contact her for us!!

Haven't heard from Cooks for some time before we made the move. I hope they're doing well and that they're just to 'busy' to read their inbox for the invite from admin!!! Maybe Monster has heard from them outside of the forum. Might ask her as well!!

By the way...has anyone heard from Borninabarn???? I don't think I've heard from them in a long time here on the forum...either old or new!!

We really need to hire som PI's to help us round up our old buddies that haven't made the move with us!!!!
Punk   :0)
"If I were any better....I'd only be half as good as you!!"
I do believe I seen born had registered on the forum but alas haven't seen him post yet
Pooh Wrote:I do believe I seen born had registered on the forum but alas haven't seen him post yet

OK, Cool!! I was beginning to get worried!! Born....oh Born...you out there??? Just checking to see if you're doing ok! Thanks Pooh!! I hope all is well with you down there!! Weather here has been absolutely wonderful....with the exception of the incessant wind that thinks it should blow 30mph at all times!! I think I'm going to be blown away....hope they will find ToTo for me if I do!! Wink
Punk   :0)
"If I were any better....I'd only be half as good as you!!"
Still ....Call in the "Penquin of Justice" RNVic has been found. She just appeared...she has a few bumps and brusies of her own. But atleast she found her way to us. I was really starting to worry she wouldn't find her way. WELCOME BACK RNVic.
Thanks spring!! I'll use my PPS ( Penguin Positioning Satellite) and get him back home! He's hasn't called me today, probably shacked up with some Penguin Ho, but I'll get him back! Thanks again!!Tongue
Again I say, Lucky penguin!!

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