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court hearing..question
hello everyone Iam in CALIFORNIA,thanks for all your information!
I recently had my QME appointment.
since my doctor wrote the final report a few months ago.
I noticed that the treatment Iam receiving
like physical theraphy, accpuncture has become less and less frequent.
called my atty today and told me that he has all the reports
from all the doctors and that we are waiting for a court hearing.
so my question is this, what can I expect at this court hearing?
my attys helper or the person I talked to, said that if the judge
decides I cant return to work anymore,maybe an offer will be made
from the ins carrier,would this sound like my case is going to settle
anytime soon?I know my atty told me a few months ago.
that the ins, carrier had accepted all liabilities on my accident.
and that I should feel blessed that my case was going the way it was.
but honestly I dont believe everything attys says anymore.
I just want out of this workmans comp misery.
I got hurt at work 2008,its been 2 long years.
after having a 3 level laminctomy, I will now need
a 3 level spinal fussion sometime in the future.
depends on the issue.
yes it finalizes one way or another.
it'll be tough to close out the claim.
the only way to close out every thing is to negotiate a compromise & release-- likely will be with a Medicare Set aside; that's a complication that'll add many months.
Reminder :
........Each state has their own comp system; POST YOUR STATE to get accurate information. Use the search feature to find information from similar questions.

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