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Amputation worth
I'm a newbie here but have rea through many threads. I recently had a partial amputation of my right index finger right at about the first nuckle, WC has been paying me since i have been off work, I should state that I am from PA and collect 845.00 a week from WC, I just received there loss claim that i need to sign for 21,000, that is 25 weeks, (half finger) when i was in the ER i remember the surgeon saying he had to go deeper and shave the next bone, i went to a free consult and the lawyer stated that i may be eligible for the full 50 weeks compensation, where do i go from here? Do i have to have a lawyer to find this out?
Do i have the right to goto the dr's office and ask for medical records?
Statute 306©(15) (15) The loss of any substantial part of the first phalange of a finger, or an amputation immediately below the first phalange for the purpose of providing an optimum surgical result, shall be considered loss of one-half of the finger. Any greater loss shall be considered the loss of the entire finger.
It is unlikely that the carrier is going to just agree to double your entitlement, so the lawyer would not be a bad idea.
Thank yous for the heads up
thanks roy

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