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Poll: should i settle after only 3 months?
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can I ask to have on going medical treatment in settlement?
Hi, I am new to this but came across the page while researching disc herniation. I have a hearing coming up in two weeks but I told my attorney to settle because I was feeling a bit better, but realized I havent reached my full potential.
My question is, is it too late to change my mind, or can I ask to have the insurance company to continue paying my medical treatments. Please Help! I am going crazy trying to figure it out! thanks, S dot T
Need more info on your injury and treatment. also why are you having a hearing?
Manley2 Wrote:Need more info on your injury and treatment. also why are you having a hearing?
I had a work injury back in March, caused by a co-worker. I was diagnosed with a L5-S1 disc herniation, I have received 3 epidural injections, as well as oral steroid medication, physical therapy, and am now seeing a chiropractor. The insurance company refuses to pay my lost wages, and I believe that is why we are going to the hearing, to reinstate benefits.

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