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Poll: Should I go to work or go to the ER?
Should I go to the ER?
Can not go into work even though the Doctor said I can?
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Still in Pain, Doctor says go back to work.
Ok, I fell at work and injured my right knee. I went to the doctor of their choice to file a claim. They put me on crutches and a knee brace. They "think" I tore a meniscus. They want me to do PT 3 times a week for 2 weeks before doing a MRI. My knee is slightly swollen and Very painful to put any pressure on it at all. They said I can go back to work but with restrictions, I have to sit 100% of the time, be on crutches 100% of time and no bending, squating or standing. Now how in the heck can I work like that?? I am in severe pain, and can barely walk. I tried to go back to work today after PT, I had to leave an hour after I got there. My knee is throbbing in pain. I called the Doctor, but of course, never called me back. Could I get fired for not staying my whole shift? Please advice! I am in too much pain to sit at a computer 10 hours a day.
What state did this happen in??????? Opps didnt see the date of this post?? I tried to delete but I was denied?

well if you have sick days you can take them.. but if Dr says you can work...then you have to work
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