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Claim denied - Supervisor denies injury report
Yes, I did tell my PCP and the hand specialist exactly how I was injured and the medical records do a fair job relating that it is work related. They sent me to their doc thru the state, and he was actually very supportive. He said my case was handled pretty screwy (duh), but said I had a believable case and the injury was very likely related to the type of work I do. Thank God for him. My other docs are good guys, but hate documenting - so their notes could be more thorough.

My lawyer is paid the usual way (I think?) - she will get a max of 25% of any benefits I get. I think my lawyer is good with my medical, but she said my biggest hurdle will be getting past that the written report from my employer was past the 30 days. That's when she said it'll come down to my testimony against my boss (who suddenly got Alzhiemer's) and is trying to discredit me and make me look like a liar and malingerer. And of course I need the income, but like you are all saying, I'm more concerned with long-term medical coverage. I feel that I'm going to end up needing reconstructive sx. on the injured thumb. I never realized how much a ruined thumb joint can screw up your everyday activities of life (much less try to work in a job that requires constant vigorous use of the hands!!!) I can type, but not well, not for long, and with pain (even wearing a splint).

I feel that my injury is peanuts compared to what you guys are going through, but it ended a 27 year career in physical therapy for me and I'd only make minimum wage starting over with anything else.

RE: DARS, I'm going to check it out and already requested mos. ago for W/C to at least pay for an eval to check my transferable skills. So far no answer on that or anything else. I cannot pay for any services since I'm broke and this could go on months to years.

ANYWAY, I can't tell you all how happy I am to have found this forum and all of you. I think you all have done more for my sanity than anything and am very grateful. All your stories touch me and I don't feel alone like I did.

Will check back later - tired and time for bed -)
My advice, forget about WC checking into your transferabled skills.

That is why I mentioned DARS. Thare a state run program and not connected with WC. They are paying for my books and tuition. Like I said, "I am not sure if they can help or not at this point". I do know that there is a 60-90 day process from when someone applies and is either accepted or declined. You may want to look into it while you are waiting for your court date. If you cn not find info. Let me know.
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Jalavl,a physical therapist on here will be a valuable asset to our board...please stick around.....many come here and can get no medical or therapy help to keep their muscles loose
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