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I'm having trouble finding a lawyer (california)
1171 Wrote:not yet
but the back is really sore the last couple days

maybe some bed rest and a little heat will fix it.
or maybe I'll file tomorrow and see a doctor....

Are you sure you didn't hit your head? Rolleyes
1171 Wrote:request the start of pd advances in writing to the carrier.
your doctor can appeal the denial of injections by following the Utilization Review Procedures.

start contacting the attys on the link i provided. if you still are unsuccessful contact the state bar:
they can put you in contact with your local bar association and they may help you locate an atty.
if you want more information on how the system works start by reading the fact sheets here
you can also find information by reading many of the prior posts by those with california cases:
use the "search" feature at the top of the page and keyword "california"

Thank you very much for the info! What exactly are pd advances? I'll also be talking to my doctor about appealing. It feels good to know theres someone who can give me some advice. thanks again Smile
injoyslife Wrote:Hi,

I am so sorry your having a difficult time getting the proper care. Where do you fall in Workers comp? meaning State or longshore and harbor workers compensation act, federal ?
and if you do fall under this type of federal, are you a Casual?[/size][/font]

I believe it's a state issue. i work for a grocery store.

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