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Social Security...Question
Red... I can't open the link you sent...but it might be that crazy new thing they called VISTA. I miss my old computer and windows XP. So if someone can help...please do....or Carol if you can Please e-mail me the information. Thank you again for all your help.
Spring, maybe I can Help you with some Terms, said as a layman so we all can understand, I had to go through this also, and it's confusing, but I was Approved for full SSDI in 3mos./3wks. at Age 43 without an Attorney, so I'll give it a try!!

SSA- Social Security Administration.

SSI- Supplemental Security Income. Used for very low income Applications. If you are receiving any w/c Payments you will most likely be turned down for this, 99.9% are, and it's no biggie. They usually apply for both SSI and SSDI when you apply, and you will receive the SSI denial pretty quick. Don't be alarmed if you do.

SSDI- Social Security Disability Insurance- This is the one you are looking to get approved for. If approved, they will supplement your w/c checks up to 80% of your Average Pay. Example: I receive my TTD check, plus SSDI sends me a check for $XXX to supplement my w/c check to 80% of my Average Lifetime Earnings.

I would suggest you file for yourself the first time, and I would also suggest you go to your SSA Office and apply. That way they make sure they have all the info. they need, and you are not chasing paperwork every other day. You can do it online also, but I wanted to do it in Person, so I could ask any questions and speak to a Person, not a Computer. I made an Appointment, and the Process took only about 45 minutes. If you are turned down, then get your Attorney involved. I hope this Helped, and Have a Great Day!!
Spring..I have vista...and I have office2007 but I saved it as 2000. Let me try another link saved as 2007 and see where that takes us... Red

Spring I could not bring in the one saved in 2007..so I just copied and pasted... Ihope this helps you some. The links are great links. This was written to help other people with MS. I didn't copy the medical part that I gained from the blue book as it pertains to MS. We will have to research for RSD and read it on the blue book or something similar to the disease.

SSDI Sites
Blue Book site http://www.ssa.gov/disability/profession.../-info.htm
First step…. NOTIFY YOUR DOCTOR THAT YOU ARE FILLING FOR SSDI---------This is very important and I will explain it later in the information that I am sending to you.

Application Process
1. Call your local SSDI Field Office
2. Request an application to file for disability
3. Or…you can go on line and file the application.. http://www.ssa.gov
4. (Option) Obtain a lawyer. They will charge you only when you win and you will pay them up to 5% of your recovery pay or a maximum of $5,300.00. SSDI will tell you not to get a lawyer because it is not needed, but if you have a lawyer you will eventually receive SSDI otherwise maybe not.
5. Complete the forms and mail to the SSDI office

Application Stages
1. First stage is called a “Determination ” This means that a SSDI medical person and case manager will review your information. At this stage these two people will make a decision based on your medical records only. First Reason that notifying you doctor is very important.

2. Second Stage is called “Reconsideration.” This means that SSDI received a 2nd application from you after you were turned down in the first stage. YOU WILL BE TURNED DOWN IN THE FIRST STAGE. You only have 60 days to refill, after date of denial. So keep this in mind.
Again…in reconsideration two people from the SSDI department will review your medical information. This will be based on more information than the medical record. They may send you to see their doctors as well. They will also send you what they call Function Reports. They will ask that you fill out one and that you have another person complete the second one. These are very important.
3. Third Stage is the Hearing. If turned down in the second stage, you will reapply and then a hearing will be scheduled for you. In the hearing, you can present any information that you deem relevant to your request for SSDI. The judge makes the decision.
4. The fourth stage is when you would go before a grand hearing and it is similar to the third stage except a jury makes the decision.

Each of these stages will take about 6-9 months each. Once approved, you will receive pay from the date post 5 months of your disability. It will come in a lump sum. From this sum is how the lawyer is paid. SSDI will pay the lawyer directly for you.

Disability Definition
There are three definitions for who can receive disability based on definition. You would most likely fall under individual who is under 65 year of age, previous work history, and who meets disability definition.
Definition by SSDI: The inability to engage in any substantial gainful activity by reason of any medically determinable physical or mental impairment(s) which can be expected to result in death or which has lasted or can be expected to last for a continuous period of not less than 12 months.
Medically Determinable means that medical evidence consisting of signs, symptoms, and laboratory findings are documented by a treatment facility.
How is Disability Determination Made?
1. Current work activity – They will ask such questions such as are you working now? If you are working now, stop, because you can’t work and apply for social security through disability.
2. Severity of impairment – This is based on Diagnosis, Treatment and your Function Reports.
3. Function Capacity – They will review what it is you can do now. If you are capable of making 900.00 per month then you will not qualify for SSDI. This is decided through your function reports also. These reports are written by you and a person who knows you. These reports must have some similarity to your healthcare providers and treatment reports. For instance, you can’t write on the function report that you use a wheelchair and walk in to a doctor’s office without a wheelchair. However, what you could say is that you are walking 50-100’ without equipment assistance and then you have to rest before you start again. For distances longer than 50-100' you use a wheelchair. Or you would not want to say that you are unable to dress yourself and Occupational therapy says that you can.
4. Past Work Experience – What kind of work did you do in the past. What kind of activity does it require. This of course will be compared to your functional and medical reports for any similarities. For instance, by profession, I am a RN. My functional reports state that my husband helps me to remember to take my medications. My mental health reports that anxiety and depression create memory lapses. This would all state that I could not work as a nurse. However, let’s say that there is a job that through a simple task sheet I could do such as answer a telephone sitting at a desk then SSDI would expect me to do that.
5. Age – After the age of 50 years of age, they will most likely not expect a person with a disability to attempt to try another job especially with a progressive disabling disease such as MS.
6. Education – Education is important because the higher the degree the greater the chance that a person could find a job that doesn’t require physical activity. For instance, my father can’t read or write his name even. He was a manual laborer all his life. He had heart surgery and was told that he could not go back to the mill to work at the age of 52 years old. He received SSDI on the first stage of determination. Between his ages, lack of education, work experience of physical activity, he was a strong candidate for disability. Me on the other hand, I have MS and am a nurse. I also have two master’s degrees and am one year shy of my doctorate degree therefore, I had to show that I could not work at any employment and then was approved at my second stage of reconsideration. Again this is determined through the list stated above and your medical, and function reports.
Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.
Red and everyone

At least here in OK they are starting a new step prior to the hearing with the judge. It's called a review. This is where you send in any updated information that you have currently to the SSA office to your state disability determination office. This can be done to see if medical info is enough to avoid going to the hearing if there still is not enough info then a hearing is set.

In some cases a person may not qualify under one category for SSDI but may qualify under many different categories with the total different body parts that are affected.
You're Correct Pooh! SSDI looks at the entire Person, not just the injury. If you have other Health Problems beside your injury, they are taken into consideration in the approval Process. Such as High Blood Pressure, Heart Disease, Sugar, or any other Problems you may have. That's why most Attorney's will tell you even though you were approved for SSDI doesn't mean w.c will disable you also, because they take the entire Medical History into account, not just the injury! Thanks Pooh!Wink
Your welcome still

Oh and I suggest if you have lab tests to send those in as well - as those give doctors an in site as to what may be going on as well - especially if your like me - still undergoing testing to find out what is wrong. Sometimes a dx can take a long time but like me you can have a long list of dx's.

So emgs, lab tests all can be important to SSDI - and we may not think that they are.
I see where many other people recommend going to the SS office – then they get turned down a few times . . . I HIGHLY recommend on-line.
I applied for my SSDI online. That way I could take my time, researching SS terms/rules and my medical records. I found my treating Dr (a WC Dr) had put his “comments – (FALSE ones!)” indicating I was much better than I was – I found solid proof with medical test that showed my disability. – I’m getting off subject –
Anyhow take your time – do it right, write each questionnaire (such as “DAILY ACTIVITY QUESTIONNAIRE DDS-9993P” or “PAIN REPORT - ADULT DDS-9401”) out on “Word”, reread it, get it correct AND make it sound good – put down the little details that make your day-to-day life changed -having help bathing, time spent unable to perform daily task, etc.. Copy each on-line page you complete and save to your PC.

My job kept me on at reduced pay working from my bed (PC & phone) but because I studied SS terms/rules I knew to call it “MAKE WORK” – so when I got my SSDI back pay I got paid for that year as well!

I never had to go to the office; they did a phone interview, and then approved me on my first application!

Good Luck!
I filled out my form at home.....as I took over a week to finish it. I kept thinking of things that should be included on it. Hold absolutely nothing back....let it fly...all illnesses/injuries and health problems. Also list in detail everything that you have difficulties doing to take care of yourself....like your hair, make-up, dressing, bathing, cooking, house cleaning, lifting heavy pots & pans....to loss of friends and invites out. My husband helps me with daily simple tasks tremendously....list everything you need help doing. List every medication you take (SSDI person told me that this is where most applicants fail to devulge info) If you are working or have been working...list what a hard time your boss gives you since your illness or injury. Let it fly girl....and good luck to you!
Injured worker, & tired of it all! I'm too old for games!!

A careless word may kindle strife, a cruel word may wreck a life, a timely word may level stress, and a loving word may heal and bless!
Spring, I have a paper to write today for a friend as you know...on the history of nursing..I have to say the last one on nursing unit budgets was more fun and right up my alley.... but I have to do this because it is due this Saturday, then I will start a research on the medical issues surrounding RSD and daily function and and pain...get back to you when I am done...Red
Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.

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