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Faceing job loss due to repeated comp injuries

I am currently out on a comp injury and am faceing a impass. Over the last 10 yrs I have had multipal comp related injuries, Hernia,ACL replacement left knee, three torn menicus in right knee plus nerve damage due to the hernia improperly healing (nerve blocker injections). Now I will be returning hopefully to work in the next couple weeks and have been informed that due to the fact that I have so many comp related injuries that my bosses are thinking of releaseing me from my job. So my question is this, I know that they can release me due to the law stateing if total time out from the job exceeds 365 days, but are they first required to move me into a job within the town (Town highway employee) where I am not carrying such heavy loads or continuely climbing up and down the truck (sanitation worker). I have years of administrative knowledge from the military (retired) before they just kick me to the curb. Loss of my job now will result in my loss of retirement from this job (8 yrs to go).
Whats your state?Whats your question?Has your Dr released you to work without restrictions? is he going to?
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without knowing your question it's difficult to respond.
contracted and retirement rights generally will not be controlled by workers comp law and should be discussed with union or retirement board.
workers comp does prohibit discrimination for filing a claim. "too many" claims would seem to be discriminatory. you should look into filing a complaint. the process is different in each state.
FMLA gives you 12 weeks of job protection.
ADA requires the employer discuss reasonable accommodation.
more info here
Reminder :
........Each state has their own comp system; POST YOUR STATE to get accurate information. Use the search feature to find information from similar questions.

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