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talked to attorney and disagree!
My lawyer went to a hearing about medical treatmet.I wasn't present but he called me to let me know whats going on.First,sounds like he wants me to settle without medical treatment.tells me that if the qme says i need the surgery i'll get,but the other side wants to avoid the pqme the asked for so talk of settling was thrown around.I want my treatment and as broke as i am I cannot just settle without medical treatment.That is my most important issue.I know i'll never be the same but to walk away with several bulging discs a herniated one in lumbar spine that will need surgery to correct,another shoulder surgery,and treatment on my neck.So i have a lot going on and they want to settle?!Help!!!!I will see pqme 30th of this month,lawyers says they probably won't apporve anything until then but to me settling is out the question.Any advice is appreciated,thank you.
attys fee is based on amount of settlement.
Open medical and periodic PD payments limits fee to just the PD amount, so attys go for the C&R.
will be difficult to oppose your own atty but also difficult to switch to another as the lower fee will have to be shared.
One option is to hold out for very high buyout amount so there is enough to purchase health insurance on your own.
price a few plans so you know what you need.

what's the status of you PI case? maybe you can settle both at the same time for enough to cover future health insurance.
Reminder :
........Each state has their own comp system; POST YOUR STATE to get accurate information. Use the search feature to find information from similar questions.

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