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Please read
I live in New Jersey. Nov 18th 06 I was injured at work my lower back. took 8 months to get back to work (PT, 3 Nerve Block Shots.) I lasted about 1 year 2 months. The pain came back again. this time out 9 months with PT 3 Shot's. The Surgeon said I have MS and wanted to get check for that and sent me back to work. MS test NEGATIVE. this time I lasted 6 months on July 13 2009 was the last time I worked. This time PT, 3 Shots, and then Surgery, (That was 25% Successful) more PT then onto the FEC the result lifting max 10 pounds. walking standing sitting 30 min at a time. OK I am slowly getting my life back in order. I was stopped in the left lane and YES a 19 year o ld rear ended me. Totaled my car. know I how lucky I am that my car dies so I could live. BUt How will this affect my case. I talked to my lawyer and only ended up with a of no answers and I also take care of Auto Accidents can you come in and sign you life away. I am lucky I do not feel I was re-injured just bounced. But My neck and head still hurt. ANy Help Please. It can only go up from hear.......
Well, it sounds like something is going on with the back. I do not understand what. I understand that you have gotten injections, but I do not understand why. What are they saying is wrong with your back??????
8-05, Micro laminectomy/disectomy. 10-05 lumbar fusion L5-S1. 2-07 exploritory surgery. 12-07 medical implant, Spinal Cord Stimulator. now receiving SSDI. After going back to school, I received my degree as a mechanical engineer. What can I say, it was the only way I had to beat the system. 
Sorry I don't understand it all. But one thing I can say is you need to be able to talk with your lawyer and him to return the favor. Can't say how to fix that for sure but that needs to be some very open communications. It could be that for the car thing you should get another lawyer to handle that part, I don't know for sure.
I was injured 2005, bilateral knees & back.

In 2007 I was in an auto accident injuring the cervical spine.

My case recently went to the state appeals court and the wc insurance company tried to say the lumbar injuries were a result of the auto accident.

I had medical evidence showing the compliants of the lumbar spine shortly after I was injured at work and the medical treatment I was receiving previous to the auto accident. With the medical evidence I won in the state appeals court on the lumbar spine.

The auto accident injuries of the cervical spine needs to be kept seperate from work comp. If this 19 yr old backed into you I would think their auto insurance would need to be held accountable.

My work comp attorney is also a personal injury attorney and I hired him for the auto accident. This was a good move on my part because later the the attorney for work comp tried to use the auto accident against me in court, and they lost.

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