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Offset of wages
I currently do not have a offset of my SSDI due to WC pay. WHEN/IF I settle the Indemnity with a Lump Sum Settlement, will I have a offset if there is no spread language(Utica Mohawk) in my C&R Settlement?

I will have the Utica Mohawk language in my settlement but I was
wondering about the above scenario where I currently do not have a offset.
Without the ((((Utica Mohawk))) you be lucky to even get a SSDI check if the settlement is high.

The Utica Mohawk language as you may know, brakes the settlement dollars into showing being paid out over so many years, braking down the income enough in many cases one wont see a SSDI offset. But, if one was needed using the U M language it would not be all that much.

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