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AQA Wrote:UA, there is a wallet card that states the individual has the implant. It is part of the SCS package. Its purpose is for what you said as well as for medical personal. Should something happen and the individual is unconcious. The card will speak for them.

PS. my crops on farmville need to be fertilized. Care to help an old redneck????? LOL

Take Care

Thanks for that info AQA Smile I was never told about the card when considering the SCS. As I said, it was my son that offered me that info.

As for your crops.. are you one of my farmville neighbors ?? For that fact, are you even a FB friend ~L~ If not send friend request and I will jump right on it Smile

Angel ^j^
I've always been crazy, but it keeps me from going insane.
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Funny thing when I went for my SS Hearing it was at a Federal Court house so metal detectors and all. Got my card out along with my ID so I could show I had the SCS. My daughter drove me and she set off the metal detector because she had a belt on and I walked right thru even with a belt on. The girl doing it was kind of rude because I when I tried to show them the card she said we don't need that in kind of a pissed off voice.

FV every chance I get if you need friends send a request
I got a SCS implant about 5-6 months ago. It is very good for the pain (cuts it down about 40-50 %). I am glad that I got it done. It has allowed me go off quite a few meds - i think I take about 1/3 of the medication I was taking pre-stimulator. The surgery was not easy and I'm still recovering from it. But I wouldn't change it.

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