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I won my wc case in Missouri but lost the second injury fund
Because I need money and am thinking I will have to live through the pain that happens every time I use my upper body. And take a chance that I can handle my mental instabilities. Should I just put myself out there and try to work even though it will be unbearable. It scares me because I would loose my SSD and medicare but I can not afford all my medical bills anymore. I can not find a Dr. who will take time and really try to figure out what is wrong with me. Drs. won't give me a concrete diagnosis regarding my pain. I can not afford paying for Drs. that don't care about what is really wrong and just want to give you pain medicine. I want this fixed so I can move on with my life but there are not quality Drs. . They want there office visit income and no other commitment to my quality of life. I feel like i am going crazy. Why is it so impossible do give a patient a diagnosis so they can fix it? Why would a judge say I don't think you have a work injury even though your employer admited they caused it? I have had it and really have to find a way to quit thinking i am crazy and trying pretend like this horrible pain isn't real.

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RE: I won my wc case in Missouri but lost the second injury fund - won1stlost2nd - 08-27-2010, 12:30 AM

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