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hand rated and more aggrevation
South Carolina--

I went to the hand doctor yesterday for a follow up. He rated my left arm and took a look at my right which the pain has increased in in the last few months. He recommended I see a nuerologist in reguards to my right hand apparently I failed some test involving carpal tunnel and a nerve. He did not go into too much detail on any of it though. I was in a lot of pain afterwards so I did not ask a lot of questions since I had two doctors perform the same tests on both my hands and arms back to back. The doctor told me my left hand was at maximum medical improvement though. He also mentioned there being some instability too it. He then handed me a sheet saying I can return to full duty and that it was in regards to my left hand. The only thing keeping me out of work for the last 6 months has been this doctors notes for no work for my left hand. He cant treat me for my right hand until workers comp approves it since he was only treating me for my crushed left with their approval. I still have not been approved for treatment on my head, or the areas of my back. I tried to talk to my lawyer today but he told me I had to go back to work and try to do my old job. I can not even handle sitting or doing squats as part of the phsyical therapy for my knees. Is this all really possible?? I just want to be out of pain. He said we would have to go to another hearing after they stopped my checks and all. Then following that hearing he could try to get another hearing if there was enough information in the medical records showing I needed futher treatment. Does the pain I am in count for nothing? Can they really leave me in this state? I know I wont ever be 100% but I didn't think they could leave me in pain. I am extremely frustrated. I still have pain in my left hand and now my right hand which I am right handed has become difficult to write or type or even lift a notebook without pain. I know I wont be able to lift my 28 ft ladder without increasing the pain or possibly causing more than I am in now. The motrin is just not doing it and I spend most of the day with ice packs and heating pads. I am almost wondering if I need to be looking for another lawyer. Isn't there something he can do to get me the medical treatment I need.
pain too subjective to be the basis for paying disability or insurance claims.
everything is based on medical opinion.
you can go to the emergency room if your doctor won't see you
or go back to him and get clarification on your disability.
treatment denied by workers comp can be obtained thru your regular health coverage.
Reminder :
........Each state has their own comp system; POST YOUR STATE to get accurate information. Use the search feature to find information from similar questions.
This is the person, that was on a lader, and blown off electric lines when on a lader, and they don't remember what happened, ended up with several body parts injured.

I see where this has gone. See you only have been approved for the one hand. And because of that, the doctor is only allowed to treat the one hand. ((((Yes, I think it is foolish too))) I think you need to just tell your attorney to forget everything they had said, and get their fanny into a hearing now, not tomorrow, and get approval for all body parts injured now. As you in way to much pain. But, you will be in danger to yourself even if you do attempt to work. That too should have been told to the doctor that released you to work.

If all that fails, your going to have to show your employer on your own, that work is a danger to you. Somehow, I think I go talk to the employer, let them know what is going on, ask them to put you to work as per the doctor. Ask them to take on the respondsibility if you get hurt even more, which I know they wont do, for they will say that is the doctor's problem and not their's.

You are put in a very tough spot right now. I just don't have all the answer's. But, as 1171 told you, if the Insurance has denied you treatment, get that letter, show it to your private health insurance and ask them to please cover you. In many cases they will, and you get medical treatment you then need. But, that is all you can do right now. Sorry...
Reply's are intended solely for informational purposes. They are based on personal opinions, experience, or research and are "not to be taken as fact or legal advice", otherwise, always consult an attorney or a doctor.

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