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WC saying they want to settle
Okay, but that is why it's called the Internet. What sounds good to me, may not sound good to someone else, but okay to the next.

Jayne so you know, I talk like this all the time, not part of the time, and have yet to find a man or a set of men who could ever slap me down. I always win if that happens. I'm a street fighter Born and grown on the streets of Chicago or better known as Bad Street USA. Grown and Bread in the Gangs all through my time. A person from another State would have a very though time living here. Jail is common here, it fears non, it's normal, and a normal thing here.

Like I said, this is the internet, people from all walks of life come here.

I have yet to beat on, or pick on, any single person just for the sake of doing it. yet, I will when they come after me. Even then, I may be somewhat hard, but I will be speaking the facts of work comp.

I will share the knowledge of work comp with anyone. But, also it's best to get to the facts of what is first, what needs to come first. And that gives me an idea of what I can supply from there.

Not a sole here can just give a person a Blind Statement and think it might be the correct one a person needed. I never done in all my years. Why start now. I tell the truth, I help prepare those needing to be prepared and ready for all the what IF's that come in play. So it just doesn't surprise them and say why didn't anyone ever tell me this before. I do that, I tell them. It will happen and it's going to happen, and that is why so many are here.

But, maybe I will just do these short versions for now on, not help prepare anyone for anything, and just let them suffer with it all when it happens, maybe that will make everyone happier for I don't know.

Now, I'm moving on as I was advised to do. This is over for me.
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you can prepare without talking down to anyone you used to do it all the time.....its only in the last year or so you have gotten so ......brrrr cold.... it worrys me as you were once so warm and happy and a great joy to be around....I would like the old BBBB back please.....
........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......

Personally I fully get the "we" concept, and think ferreting out hidden meanings or intent is a complete waste of everyone's time. The lady asked "What should we do?" The best answer would be, "this is what I think you should do". It could even start with "It depends on what your husband really wants, but I think that you should do....."

We can't make judgments here on peoples intent. If someone asks a question, just answer the damn thing! I must admit that I thought the attempt to ask what her husband wanted smacked of the whole "little woman" mentality. I immediately thought of what happens when my wife is shopping for something but the idiot salesman wants to sell to ME. It ain't pretty.

This is not rocket science. She asked what they should do. Besides, what HE wants to do and what HE should do could be two different things. Tell them what you think THEY should do! You have no idea whether they are going to follow your advice or not anyway, so does it really matter?
And I agree with Jayne. I have no idea where you are coming from anymore.
Maybe, just maybe, it isn't me that has changed?

Does it matter if anyone gives a person the correct proper answer. It does matter to me, that they get the right answer.

I'm sorry, I don't write with passion, maybe I never did, as I can't ever remembering I ever did, not even when I have reviewed many post replies he from the past. I seen no change in what I wrote then, compared to now.

I'm not a Banker neither.

My wife doesn't control me, and I don't control her. neither one of us has ever told the other what to do, or what they will do, or what their going to do. We aren't control freaks to each other. maybe why I am together with her for 38 years.

Either way, I felt I needed to say that and violated what I have said that I was done with this thread once again.
Reply's are intended solely for informational purposes. They are based on personal opinions, experience, or research and are "not to be taken as fact or legal advice", otherwise, always consult an attorney or a doctor.
[Image: ySAMsmoking.gif]
I agree with your comments Ginger, I am new here and as with many others who ask the same question repeatly. So, now I do as you and sit and read post made by others. This forum has given me a lot of information as well as relaxing my mind. I haven't seen too many posting from Virginia up here and for me it good to see someone from Va reaching out. And not listening to the neighorhood lawyer.
(08-25-2010, 03:31 PM)GsKnee Wrote:
admin Wrote:I think what she is saying is that your first response to Saw was useless.
Lets move on.

I agree but must add that due to the poor choice of wording that I have noticed on many posts by one of your members, I choose to only read and not participate. If I wanted rudeness and to feel demeaned I would direct my questions to my Comp. carrier.

There are no stupid questions, stupidity is within those who do not ask them.

THANK YOU to those of you who do devote your time and effort to really try to assist others even when you answer the same questions over and over....KUDOS!!!!

Back to my silence now!



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