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Lft Shoulder Surgery
Bad Boy Bad Boy Wrote:Confused2010, I think you have given me a better picture at what I think your looking for.

First is, a rating is just that, a rating that states you have lost a certain amount of a percentage of use of such body part.

But that isn't what your looking for.

Your looking for a doctor to say what your limitations are of the shoulder being used. Such as what is called Work Restrictions. Meaning what are the work restrictions in place for your shoulder as to how it meets with your type of work. See, that is mostly outlined for you, once it has been said by your doctor that you can return to work now. Then they the doctor writes out and outlines your work restrictions.

That isn't the same as a rating. So, you see the QME is going to rate you, but just maybe also might outline certain work restrictions. Now I'm not sure on how CA QME's perform that task. But, you can always ask.
Thank you...since I might not get the outline from a QME can I request that my wc doctor outline it instead of just saying no lifting of 30 lbs. My job would like to have it outlined and so would I.
What you need is a letter from the employer stating what they need from the doctor, and give that doctor (treating Doctor) a copy of it. Then ask to have it made into a medical report.

But, you know what, many employer's just ask the treating doctor over the phone to outline what the employer needs and it is just done. I would speak to your employer, and it can then be handle either way with ease. It's a very easy task, and simple one.
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