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Spinal cord stimulation
have to say i love my scs---when it works---im one of the unfortunate ones that a lead broke less than a year after the implant. while both leads were working i did get some relief and was able to get off some of the hard core narcotics. as a matter of fact while it was working i never had to make a visit to the er for pain. w/comp approved my initial one right away--they were fighting me on fixing this one but just approved iton monday. they also approved the trial and scs for the upper part of my body (i have full body rsd). i love the fact i am able to control how much sensation i feel and when days r bad i can turn it up higher instead of popping another pill. it isnt a dream surgery--at least for me a bit uncomfortable_-but well worth it---keep in mind it will also have to be replaced around 7years
hope that gives ya more info

They had told me they need to be replaced around every 9 years but after I got this we talked about it and the rep's told me allot depends on how much you use it. With the way mine gets used I'm thinking I will be lucky if I get 7 years before it needs to be replaced. Going to meet with them in a couple of weeks to see if they can get me a little bit better coverage on some pain I'm having. Thinking this not going to work for it and they are going to try some shots if it doesn't. I hate getting shots in my back any more. They never seem to do much for me
jayne Wrote:just your spine Manley?

I think they still need to be placed in the spine to get the results we want!! I've seen some thing about doctors placing these for other the pain use.
i do use mine 24/7 and being that one lead is broken it has to be at a higher level so i can feel some of it on the right hand side. although i would be curious to hear from anyone who has one in the upper area. i have a choice between putting it in my neck or armpit and i would like to know what others perferred.

AQA--the medical necessity does work----my w/comp had their medical department review all my records and since they deemed both surgeries "medical necessity" w/comp is paying for both

good day to all

So far I love my SCS, but not quite 5 weeks with perm yet. Still working on getting the best coverage, and for some reason my neck has been hurting a lot more than usual.

OK, here is what kinda worries me. I only had a 3 day trial and as you with stims know, the provider company decides which one is best for you based on data during your trial. Well, I really didn't know that. I followed the videos and info to a "t". It said to turn off the stim for a couple of hours at a time to see if the pain returns, and then turn it back on to readjust. I even had the trial stim on when I went to bed, but 2 of the 3 nights, it came unplugged. So the data showed that my usuage was 69%. They gave me non-rechargable unit and said based on usuage it would last about 7 1/2 years.

Well, when I went for 2 week follow up with per m stim, the usuage went up to 98% and the rep was very surprised. I think my stim will expire a lot sooner than was expected if I continue to use 24/7. Heck, the instructions said not to even drive with the stim on, and then the rep later told me it was ok to drive with it. LOL!

It does feel like a massage in my hands, but I have to say the feeling is different throughout. Not perfect, but the best thing that has happened for my pain. I'm sold!
Let Go, and Let God......
On mine I think the doctor decided which model I got based on what I told him of my use of the trial. Since I didn't turn it off they decide on the rechargeable one and like I said after this was done they told me how much you use it and at what settings tells how long even that unit will last. As you heal what you feel may change some and that is why they tweak them and in my case it changes some depending on how I.m doing. And by that I mean some days I can tell I'm swelled in my back. I think they have changed mine 4 or 5 times so far and are going to again in a week or 2 and I've had mine for 2 years now.
hi guys, i actually go in about once every two months and meet with the manager of my scs. (at my doctors office) i have him change programs, intensidy etc. yes, he can see how much i use it and the intensity that i use it at. however, when the machine is not working correctly they really cannot gauge it. i did have my first trial for a week. i think it was worse than the actuall surgery. i do have a recharable one and yes i do have to charge it quite often as i do use it 24/7. i on the other hand am not able to turn it off for a couple hrs--i rely on it and have discontinued some pain meds due to it. when i even shut it off to recharge i struggle with the pain. my particular machine would last a normal person around 7 years---i dont think i will make it that long--heck i already broke a lead.
chrischirs it sounds like you might have an upper scs--if so i would be really interested to know where the implant is as we are trying to decide if i want it in the neck or arm pit. i have yet to find someone with an upper or someone who has two of the implants. i would really like to know where each person is more comfortable with it at. i am fine with where the lower back is and gosh i love the machine. i am having surgery next friday to fix the broken lead--hate surgery and hate the fact that you have to be awake for part of it but in the end i wouldnt give this up for anything. let me know if you do have an upper one
i think it is great to have everyone tell him our stories as to the scs i wish i had been to this site and got all this info before mine not that it would of changed my mind but just the more info the better. guess thats why we all come here!!

nite to all

AQA Wrote:OOOOOOO, I can just see the IC fighting "medical necessity".

My doctor just submitted a request to the IC for me for one of these. The IC, of course, denied it saying that 1) they never spoke to my doctor and left 2 messages for him. 2) "Not Recommended. Sympathetic therapy is considered investigational."

My doctor actually DID speak to them and they only asked him one question and that was whether or not I had ever had physical therapy. To which my doctor replied, "yes, twice for several months at a time and it's done nothing for her!" My medical records should be sitting right in front of the UniMed doctor where it would clearly have answered those questions for them. Instead they've chosen to lie about it and intentionally delay it.

For those of you who have one and who have had to get WC to cover it, do you have any tips or info as to how your doctors were able to get WC to approve the trial?
You can always tell when the WC folks are lying, their lips are moving!!!!
popflier--have your doctor send all your records to the workcomp "medical review board". unlike the ime's who never recieve all your records they will get them all and make a professional decision. make sure your doctor includes all the medicines you are on and have been on p/t literally everything you have tried in the past and are doing know. the review board will send your doctor a copy of their findings--whether or not they think it is "medical necessary"-your adjuster a copy and you. although deeming that it is medical necessary does not mean for sure w/comp will pay for it but, i have found they go by what their review board says--good luck


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