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commission decision
thanks for all your help and trying to help me bbbb. i did some more searching and called the iwcc today. just to let you know she said it is just like the trial. they have 60 days to render a decision and the decision will be posted on their website as "decision pending" until it is mailed out to the attorneys.
I did have something interesting happen today that i thought you would like to know as it seems you are the wealth of information for a lot of people.
w/c is requesting me to attend another ime although i am not recieveing ttd. my doctor and their own medical department have deemed both surgeries nesscessary already so i dont believe i should have to attend this ime without pay.
Instead of having a hearing on the issue my attorney was allowed to email the arbritrator and recieve the decision with in a matter of hours. I know so many have to wait months and weeks for a hearing so if someone ever needs an answer asap like i did as long as both attorneys agree the attorney is allowed to email the arbritrator instead of waitng for status call--hearing never knew that didnt know if you did but thought i pass it along

have a great day

What did your attorney say about you not going to this up coming IME?
Reply's are intended solely for informational purposes. They are based on personal opinions, experience, or research and are "not to be taken as fact or legal advice", otherwise, always consult an attorney or a doctor.
he agreed with me-the arbritrators first decision was to state that if I am requesting additional surgery for the broken stimulator ( a lead wire has broken loose) and additional surgery of a spinal cord stimulator in the upper extremeties than i should attend yet he wanted more information as to what has been going on prior to this. as i told you i am not getting any ttd however, they pay for all my meds--you go figure my attorney cannot figure that one out. the request went first to w/comp to pay for the broken stimulator and trial as they paid for the first one. they wanted their medical department to make a decision. my dr and those who manage my stimulator sent off all the revelant informationa and medical documents. the same day that their medical department deemed both the surgeries were medically nesscessary was the day w/comp attorney sent out the letter for another ime. (didnt like what their own dr. said so why not try and pay another one to disagree) so basically i already have two opinions one from my doctor and one from theirs. also the decision to implant a spinal cord stimulator is not from physically looking at a patient. it is the review of medical records whether or not any other treatment out there has worked(I have had every treatment out there and this is the only little relief i get) and what relief you get from the trial or in my case an implanted one. I might also add that w/comp drs had a telephone conference with my doctors a couple of months ago they agreed all the treatment my dr is giving me is essential--and as long as i stayed on this course of treatment which included an additioanl stimulator if needed they would continue to pay for all my meds. mind you all this baffles my attorney paying for my meds!!! even considering paying for the surgeries when the commission has not rendered a decision on their appeal. like my atty said if they thought they would win then they could care less about my medical care. w/comp atty has stated that she will neither agree or deny me the treatment until i attend the appt. i ask can they really not give me a denial. my dr said all he needs is a denial and medicare will pay. the stimulator has been broken since the first of the year---how long can they leave me in the inhumane condition? can the arbritrator require them to give me a denail?
I will let you know as soon as i get the next response from my attorney--thank gosh i have an awesome one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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