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Shoulder Surgery 5 mos. Ago, Now Severe Elbow Pain
Krl, as much as I would like to go to the Doctor's with you I can't. I to use to be shy when going to Doctor's. But, when I learned real fast by a Great Doctor that treated me, telling me to go home and research my Injury, and the next Doctor visit, I best have things to talk about and ask plenty of question to him. It broke my bad habbit of being shy.

Next you got to stop worry about the Future, you can't predict it, nor can I. You must worry about what your going to do Toaday, and Prepare for tomorrow. This will help you much better.

Next did you get the cortisone shot? If not get done. I know it could wear off, but what IF you don't ever need another one. See that shot can work either way, yet you worry about what if it wears off. Well heck, what if it works is how I think. Stop thinking so negative all the time, for thinking more Positive with heal you.

So what IF you got cut from work, what IF you find another job instead of worry about loosing a job. See, know your going to be cut from work, if you take the time now, ahead of your co-workers to find other work, your then ahead of the crowd at your work looking for work. So you beat the rush later. Makes sense to me.
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Hey everybody,

I got my cortisone shot. Most of my pains have gone away, in my elbow. And I have gotten better asking questions to the powers that be. Thanks to the board.

I have another problem. I'm going to the doctor on the 27th. The doctor is going to release me on that visit or shortly after, like day or two.

My problem is, over the years, I have taken out a lot of 401k loans. My work is going to release me after I am released full duty.

I worked for a big company and I'm not sure how the release will work with severance pay or release date. If my doctor releases me on the 27th, does my work release me on the 27th or do they have a process that takes place a few days?

If my doctor releases me on the 27th and work does the same, I have 90 days to repay the loan. And that brings me to December 26th. I'm short 4 to 6 days.

Is it possible to call my doctor's office in the morning and reschedule my appointment for a week later? Is that a big deal?

Or can I ask my doctor to release me on the following Monday so I can take care of personal stuff? Am I out of line on this?


I've been out of work the whole year with less pay. I really would like to delay my tax obligations until 2012. What do you think?

Ohyea!! I am in California if that matters.

How many more post do I need the have 3 Stars, I have 2 Stars now

Thanks for everyone's help

yes you can reschedule your apt for the following week.

40 more posts to get your next star.
Reminder :
........Each state has their own comp system; POST YOUR STATE to get accurate information. Use the search feature to find information from similar questions.
Hi everybody,

My doctor has released me back to work October 9th. My work has not taken me back. They put me on some kind of job search where the company that handles the worker's comp has a return-to-work person that is supposed to be looking for a job for me for the next 30 days.

There are no jobs in the area.

I have not received any pay checks and my benefits have been cut off.

My work has not officially cut me loose yet.

Should I file for unemployment now because I have no income and my doctor released me back to work full duty?

My company has a good history of paying continuance after they lay you off. I'm thinking after the 30 days they will give me some kind of salary continuance for the next two months.

I don't want to jeopardize this option but I also don't want to go without pay either. Any body have any message board advice?

I'm in California.

Thanks everyone.
When they cut our whole group loose, there were two of us who were out on worker's comp long-term disability. He war released full duty one month ahead of me. It looks like they found the spot for him with a cut in pay.

I was wondering if they do it for one, do they have to do it for all? We are the same level, same job functions; not that any of this means anything.

We are different races, not that saying that has to do with anything, just throwing it out there. If they would hire one and not the other< would that be discrimination?
or just lucky timing for that person?
no. they are not required to hold a job or create one.
discrimination only if you have enough evidence.
Reminder :
........Each state has their own comp system; POST YOUR STATE to get accurate information. Use the search feature to find information from similar questions.

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