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FL - privacy & medical records & HIPPA
Bad Boy Bad Boy Wrote:The employer has rights to keep in contact with an injured worker. But a supervisor taking photo's of you, and following you around, isn't protocol. Is this a self insurance, or do they use an Insurance Carrier? You can contact the Insurance also, explain what is taken place also. Call the Police an apply stalking charges. You have certain rights here. But, will you have a job if you make waves....?

You should also, contact the Work Comp Board, tell them what is taking place, ask them what you can do about it, what your rights are to this situation.


I work for the county and we are self-insured. Now I find out that they are saying they aren't covering my medical bills and if I want paid, it's all coming out of my vacation hours (not just the 33 1/3%). Of course, all this is coming from my stalking supervisor.

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RE: FL - privacy & medical records & HIPPA - Aviatrix - 07-19-2010, 02:10 PM

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